Does That Hat Come With a Bowl of Soup?

This year's fashion issue may seem vaguely familiar—E.C. Star's discovery of demure shop-girl frocks, for example, or Craig Taylor's uranium oxide-bright prints, straight outta Casino, or those sneakers on that pudgy guy (sorry, man!)but it is probably the ideas that you've seen before. Good ideas can be reborn; they do not age—if they did, Ocean Pacific would be a museum—and so we have not only great local fashion, but this edition of the Weekly.

In it, we showcase several local haberdashers—Status Foe, RZST, Zayd and Obey among them—who reimagine what we wear with unique detail, cut, print or material. Much of their work skews bright, detailed and young, which we like: the only thing better than attractive clothing is seeing it on handsome people who know how to dress.

Which is why we also debunk the faulty logic that inspires mothers to dress like their teenage daughters—a warped concept trumpeted as gospel by The Orange County Register—and allows grown men to own neither a collared shirt nor a pair of leather-soled shoes.

Because the law says you have to get dressed, but it doesn't tell you what you should wear. That's why we're here.

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