Documentary Shows Scientology Protesters Up Close

So I got my man hands on a documentary about Anonymous, the group that protests Scientology orgs around the world. 

The roughly 37-minute film was produced by local college students for a class project, and focuses on protests at the church's Los Angeles headquarters.
People wearing Guy Fawkes masks, others dancing to Rick Astley's “Never Gonna Give You Up”, and a woman with a sign on her that reads: 'not fat…I still have dead thetans stuck on my ass'–it's all there!


But it's not here, on your infernal rag's website. Yet. The filmmakers want to blur out the faces of Anonymous members. 

Hopefully, we'll have it up soon.
In the meantime, here's some quotes from protesters the in documentary: 
“And suddenly you find that the problem is not with you, it's not with anything from your lifetime. It's because 75 million years ago, Earth was known as Tegiac and an evil overlord named Xenu stuffed us in a volcano and blew us up with hydrogen bombs far more powerful than we have today. And that's why we're screwed up.” 
“I'd suggest to the young Sea Org members who have signed billion year contracts, I'd suggest that they go out and chase some skirts while there's still time.” 
“I want my daughter back.”

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