Dissed Abled [Hey, You!]

You’re the person who has a handicap placard hanging from the mirror of your Tesla. WTF are you doing parking in MY non-handicap space, when there are two empty handicapped spaces directly in front of the store? Your parking in the closest non-handicapped space meant that I had to park farther away, making me more aggravated than I already was. Then I see a perfectly able you walking to your car with a bunch of packages, so either you are NOT really handicapped or you are too stoopid to use the proper handicap space, which I am not able to use. If I were to park in YOUR space, I would not only get rude remarks from others, but I would also get a hefty citation—yet you, who claim to be handicapped, feel it is okay to park in the space that was designated for ME without a care in the world. You already get to park closest to where you are going AND park for free at meters, so why do you have to take MY space? Let’s not get started on bathrooms. . . .

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