Disneyland Continues to Cancel Holiday Fireworks

Disneyland canceled their holiday fireworks display again Wednesday night. The cancellation marks the sixth time in the last week that the theme park has canceled their nightly holiday show.
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Disneyland’s holiday-themed fireworks display, titled “Believe in Holiday Magic,” was cancelled Wednesday night for the sixth time in seven days. In the past week, an employee injury and technical issues have plagued the show.

​It looks like “Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark” finally has some company.
On Thursday, December 22, the show was reportedly canceled due to weather and technical issues, but later that evening an employee was taken to a nearby hospital after a shell reportedly exploded near the ground during the show’s preparation. The employee was treated for possible ear damage and released.
Since then, Disney has canceled all but one of their fireworks displays, with the only show in the past week taking place on Christmas Day. Understandable, seeing as how Christmas is often the busiest day of the year in the park. Employee safety be damned! This is Christmas!
The holiday fireworks display is a part of Disney’s “Holidays at the Disneyland Resort” celebration, which continues to run through January 8 at the Resort. It’s unclear, however, if the nightly holiday display will return before then.
Disney stated they are evaluating the conditions and safety of the show on a daily basis, and that engineers and pyrotechnic experts will continue to examine the system until they decide whether or not to continue the display.
So a heads-up: If you’re heading to Disneyland to celebrate New Year’s Eve this weekend and had your heart set on bringing in 2012 with a huge fireworks extravaganza, you may be sorely disappointed.
Stay tuned for more updates.

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