Disney Gives Official Nod to Muppet/Electric Mayhem Prints

The Muppets return to the big screen in a little more than two weeks now and, in case you haven't noticed, an new interest in everyone's favorite felt friends appears to have been rekindled in the process. Of course, this only proves two things I've known forever:

1. The Muppets are fucking awesome.
2. They're marketable and, in turn, a hot commodity to Disney.

So when Toronto-based artist/graphic designer Michael De Pippo created a set of images that featured the Muppet band The Electric Mayhem there was doubt over whether or not he'd be able to offer them to the public. But guess what? He can!

Check out the images for yourself (and learn how you can pick up your own set of prints) after the jump.

Long story short: De Pippo created a set of five images–each one devoted to a member of The Electric Mayhem: Dr. Teeth, Animal, Janice, Floyd Pepper and Zoot–as an homage to the Muppets.

Originally, he created the images simply as a fun side project, and when word of them started to spread around the Internet he began to receive a great amount of positive feedback, including a thumbs-up from Muppet performer Bill Baretta. Almost immediately, De Pippo began receiving requests to purchase hard copies of the images.

Of course, selling anything that features Disney-owned characters on it without getting permission first is a bad idea, so De Pippo had to disappoint fans by telling them that making prints just wasn't a possibility.

That is, until Acme Archives (the official licensee for original art for Disney) stepped in. They contacted De Pippo and told him they'd love to produce his prints and that they'd work out the legal details with Disney.

Last week, after a few tiny tweaks, De Pippo finally sent the files off to the printer. Here's what's coming:


De Pippo will be taking orders very soon, so be sure to continue to check his website for updates or follow him on Twitter.

Yesterday, De Pippo posted the following on his Twitter page: “Last night I had an idea for a Pigs In Space poster. Let's see if it works out…”

Oh, man. This guy is gonna make me go broke.

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