Disney Employees Say “It Gets Better”

The non-profit organization The Trevor Project, which provides crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered youth, recently partnered with Disney to produce another of the popular videos for the It Gets Better Project.

Learn more about the video, and give it a watch, after the jump.


​Founded in 1998, The Trevor Project has targeted bullying and bigotry. And while the organization was originally founded on its support for the LGBT community, in recent years their goal has become broader, going after general ignorance and intolerance.
The It Gets Better Project was cofounded last year by author Dan Savage and Terry Miller, Savage's husband. The internet-based project has been widely popular since its debut, particularly with its viral and often celebrity-filled “It Gets Better” video series.
This past May, the religious right were upset (big shock) when Woody of “Toy Story” fame showed up in a Google Chrome “It Gets Better” video. Learn more about that ridiculousness here.

​Like Google Chrome, Disney has joined the campaign against bullying and intolerance with their own “It Gets Better” video. The video features Disney employees offering words of encouragement and advice to victims of bullying.
Appearing in the video is Disneyland Resort President George Kalogridis, Imaginners Eric Jacobson, Lis Girolami and Bruce Vaughn, and numerous other Cast Members who share their own personal stories of being a victim of bullying.
Watch the full video here:

Pixar released a similar video last year. Check it out here:

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