Dishney: Disneyland Resort to Close Early Due to Heavy Rain

It isn't often Southern California experiences anything but well, sunny, but we're actually suffering through some real weather this week. And according to the Register, even Disneyland is responding by shutting down the parks three hours earlier than originally scheduled–and all on a holiday.

Disneyland is scheduled to close at 8 p.m. tonight, while California Adventure will close up shop at 6 p.m. Their nightly fireworks show, of course, is also canceled.

We took to Twitter for some reactions from park visitors:

ChristiStarr: On our way home. Rain + Disneyland = EPIC FAIL!!!
youcancallmeCJ: Raining like seattle in Disneyland fail fail fail
ambersilva: No lines due to heavy rain = the best day at Disneyland EVER!!!
sailortweek: The rain is apparently so bad at Disneyland, they will be closing the park 3 hours early…PUSSIES! I've been to concerts in thunderstorms!

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