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Illustration by Felipe Flores. Design by Federico Medina

One of the best things about this Best of 2019 issue, as was the case in 2018 and on back to our first such collection in 1996, is the informed argument an OC Weekly writer routinely makes to justify a selection. Another great part of this Best of 2019 issue, as was the case in 2018 and on back to whenever it was the advertising department strong-armed us into introducing the Readers’ Poll, are those audience choices that contradict an OC Weekly writer’s previous thoughtfulness.

“Really, Weekling? InCahoots is the Best Place for Country Music/Line Dancing? Well, here’s a swift kick from this reader’s cowboy boot to underscore that you obviously should have chosen the RANCH Restaurant & Saloon! Now would you kindly remove my Tony Lama from your bumbling bum?”

Face it, we now live in a world in which otherwise-gentle folks can disagree to the point that they seem to exist in different worlds, like Coke and Pepsi drinkers, cats and dognappers, Never Trumpers and . . . well, you get the idea. The point is, you had people that were very fine people on both sides.

Which brings us to the very tippy-top best thing about this Best of 2019 issue, as was the case in 2018 and back to blah-blah-blah: The times when our writers and you readers found common ground on selections. It did not happen very often; in fact, it’s so infrequent that this year’s instances can be cited in this intro:

Best Acai Bowl; Best Adult Store; Best Art Gallery; Best Cannabis Lawyer; Best Dispensary in Long Beach; Best Distillery; Best Dog-Friendly Restaurant; Best Downtown; Best Garden; Best Lab Testing; Best Liquor Store; Best Lobster Roll; Best Local Politician/Public Servant; Best Patient Appreciation Day; Best Tincture; and Best Vietnamese Iced Coffee.

You’ll notice we only let you in on the categories in which there was agreement between writers and readers in ’19, not the actual “winners” (because we’re all “winners,” Sparky, or at least “worthy recipients of participation trophies”). Why divulge the actual selectees here? You want to be surprised, don’t you? Dontcha!?!

Save your cheat sheet for your driving test because it’s better to dive in and discover the one place in this fractured world where people can agree on something. And by “place,” we mean “paper” and its online bastard cousin. Sure, we may all naturally come together on the universally agreed-upon righteousness of Chris Glew (oops, let one slip), but we can also see, members of the jury of public opinion, that the above list reveals agreements on a wide variety of topics . . . in between many, many more disagreements.

Hey, we have to start somewhere. May we suggest you also spend a goodly amount of time gazing lovingly at each advertisement along the way? Gotta keep the lights on.  

BEST OF 2019

Sports and Recreation

Illustration by Felipe Flores

Food and Drink

Illustration by Felipe Flores

Arts and Entertainment

Illustration by Felipe Flores

Shopping and Services

Illustration by Felipe Flores


Illustration by Felipe Flores

6 Replies to “Discover the Best of 2019”

  1. Really OC weekly staff? Your editors must know Orange County very well if you chose national and international chains over local business. Wingstop, Shin-sen-gumi, Lazy Dog Cafe, 7 Leaves Cafe, Camp Bow Wow are all national chains. How many of your editor’s choices paid for their placement? If you want local business to support your magazine through advertising, you should support local businesses first through your PR. If you can’t keep the lights on, you must be doing a shit job at journalism.

    1. The staff choices for Best Of OC are always pretty bad. I think they just give it out to friends of theirs. Readers Choice is much better.

  2. Congratulations to Salon Midori for Best Hair Salon and Massage. I love this salon I have been going to this salon when they were in La Habra and followed them to the Fullerton location. Friendly staff and great stylists. I have also had services at their new location in Yorba Linda.

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