Dirtyphonics (DJ Set) – The Observatory – July 18th, 2013

Dirtyphonics (DJ Set)
The Observatory
July 18th, 2013

In the aftermath of their four month plus tour, the French quartet Dirtyphonics continues to support their debut full-length album Irreverence on Dim Mak Records with gigs at the biggest festivals and clubs around the world. Last night, members Charly and Pitchin made a stop in Orange County to the Observatory in Santa Ana for a special DJ set as part of InnerVision Events, Bassrush and LA Beatdown's Bassology dub infused 18 and over night filled with bass-in-your-face goodness which ignited a crazy moshing rage fest in the smaller Constellation room of the venue. The sold out event featured opening sounds from Dip Vertigo with MC Ridda and Neuropunk.


With a line around the building filled with ratchet kids and bass lovers, the Constellation room of the Observatory was filled to the brim (and hot as hell). We got to catch opening selector Dip Vertigo who did a respectable with some proper drum and bass like Loadstar's “Refuse To Love” as MC Ridda got the crowd hyped and jumping around. In such a small room it was hard not to get into the beats and go crazy in the mosh pit as water bottles where flying around being sprayed everywhere. Did we mention how freaking hot it was in there? By around midnight however, everyone was packed like sardines ready to get rowdy and dirty with Charly and Pitchin's DJ set.

Ever since Pitchin joined Dirtyphonics half a decade ago the group has been putting their own stamp on drum and bass, dubstep and what they named drumstep with the release of songs like “French Fuck” that change energy and have unpredictability in their tempos. They pleased the new wave of fans however, as they played heavy tracks on their debut album such as “Stage Divers,” featuring Steve Aoki and of course their hit “Dirty.” The stage diving was not saved for Aoki however, as both Charly and Pitchin took to the mayhem being caused in the crowd and channeled their inner rock stars. Like most underage dub shows the crowd was getting ratchet as hell and we even got to catch a chick fight.

Playing all kinds of bass heavy music–mostly drum and bass, dubstep, electro to give the room that grimy club feel–the guys even dropped RL Grime's remix of “Mercy” for the trap lovers and a unique rendition of “Tequila” which they took shots of onstage amongst other drinks which kept flowing. You can tell they were having a bad ass time as chicks flew across the room crowd surfing and everyone was dripping in sweat from dancing so hard (or just being in the room of over anxious 18 year old's getting turn up). With the aroma of ganja making it's cloud in the compact space it was almost impossible not to want to get dirty with these guys and say “I don't give a fuck or shit,” and rage your ass off too.

Critical Bias: Been keeping up with Dirtyphonics on their Dirty TV “Irreverence Tour” video series and not gonna lie was kind of excited to join in the dirty party antics, get some champagne (or in this case water) showers and even see some boobies.

Crowd: Lots of kids ready to rage, probably a 10-1 guy to girl ratio and two girls dressed up as a poodle and kangaroo in full onesies.

Overheard in the crowd: From the bathroom attendant – “They're probably going to get high in there, but they could at least be respectful and clean up after themselves,” as two girls walk into a stall together.

Random Notebook Dump: We know we expected to see boobies, but we got a whole lot more than that as we caught a couple straight up doing it on the grass parked right in front of our car.

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