Dirk Nowitzki's Top Seven Musical Moments

10-time All-Star and 2011 NBA champion Dirk Nowitzki has often evaded the limelight, preferring to be low-key during most of his media spots. The usually stoic Dallas Maverick, however, isn't one to be always serious. After his team was eliminated by the Golden State Warriors in 2007, he told Der Spiegel he was practicing guitar and piano to keep his mind off basketball. The following videos may prove music isn't Nowitzki's calling, but it's nice to see him occasionally take the time off to show the camera some personality. Here are five musical moments in Dirk Nowitzki's career.

1. Disco Dirk

In this spot for German television, Nowitzki is shown, among other things, aping a rock star and dancing with the Dallas Mavericks cheerleaders.

2. “Start Me Up” Dirk
During a timeout, the JumboTron at Dallas' American Airlines Center displays Nowitzki dancing rather awkwardly to The Rolling Stones' 1981 hit “Start Me Up.” He's not exactly a dead ringer for Mick Jagger.

3. Hasselhoff on the Bus
The German peoples' affinity for David Hasselhoff will forever be a mystery. In this video, Nowitzki and his German teammates sing a boisterous rendition of The Hoff's 1989 hit “Looking for Freedom.”

4. Acoustic session with Steve Nash
Former teammates Steve Nash and Nowitzki take time off from their busy basketball schedules to play an acoustic set for their fans. It's too bad these two couldn't earn a championship title together.

5. Acoustic session with Ray Johnston
Ray Johnston is a former Dallas Maverick and leukemia survivor who now plays in his own band based in Texas. Here, he and Nowitzki catch up on their shared appreciation for guitar.

6. Happy Holidays from the Mavs
This promotional spot features members of the Dallas Mavericks, including Nowitzki, straining to sing the Christmas song, “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer.” J.J. Barea as a reindeer seems appropriate.

7. It's the “End of the Road”
You might want to turn down your speakers for this. Nowitzki opens up by singing the Grammy Award-winning single “End of the Road” by Boyz II Men. It's been a long five years since his last shot at a title. Nowitzki certainly deserves his success.

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