Did Orly Taitz, 'The Worst Lawyer in History,' File Her Bar Response Today?

The California State Bar doesn't comment on whether it's investigating an attorney for breach of professional ethics, but that doesn't mean they don't guffaw about it.

We just called bar investigator Robin Littlefield, whom Orly Taitz herself said is looking into complaints against the Laguna Niguel anti-Obama attorney. As soon as we said the words “Orange County,” Littlefield started a slow, low laugh on the other end of the line.

She knew why we were calling.

That didn't mean she could talk about Taitz. In fact, she couldn't even confirm that she was investigating Taitz–even though Taitz herself has posted on her blog and filed court pleadings saying that Littlefield had contacted her.

“If she wants to tell on herself that's one thing,” Littlefield said. “But we're not gonna tell on her.”

Sounds like confirmation to us.

In Taitz's request for an emergency injunction filed as part of her Taitz v. Obama lawsuit in Washington, D.C., Taitz said she needed the courts to make Obama and various other bodies turn over a host of Obama's vital documents by Feb. 26–today–in order to file a timely response to the bar. Obama's birth certificate, see, will nullify all the instances where Taitz's actions allegedly violated professional standards.

There's no indication on Taitz's blog as to whether she filed that response today.

What, exactly, might the bar be investigating? Well, there's that order from federal Judge Clay Land of Georgia, slapping $20,000 of fines on Taitz. Land wrote in the order that his ruling was to be sent to the bar.

There are also complaints from independent attorneys who don't like the way Taitz has handled herself. We spent some time talking with one of those attorneys the other day, who asked not to be named, likely so that his social security number won't show up in one of Taitz's voluminous “dossiers” sent to law enforcement agencies across the country. But he said he has filed more than a dozen complaints with the state bar.

“I'm concerned with her being a lawyer, because I'm a lawyer,” he said. “It's a self-policing profession, and she has brought our profession into disrepute. She is the worst lawyer I have ever seen… The worst lawyer in the history of the human race.”

As for the kinds of rules she may have been breaking, here's one taste. California Business and Professions Code, ยง6106.1:

Advocating the overthrow of the Government of the United States or
of this State by force, violence, or other unconstitutional means,
constitutes a cause for disbarment or suspension.


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