Did a High-School Secretary Host Beer-Pong Parties for Students?

A secretary at Orange High School was put on administrative leave in May for allegedly fraternizing with students, according to police records. 

And by “fraternizing,” we're talking parties, drinking games, a camping trip and a rumored sexual relationship.
Sounds more college than high-school to us.


On May 18, an Orange Police Department “school resource officer” was called to Orange High School and told by someone in the office that Amy Frye–listed on the school's website as an “AP Secretary”–had been put on administrative leave for violating the school's “fraternization” policy. 

​According to the police report, students told a counselor that Frye had been hosting parties at her home for a handful of high schoolers since February 2010. The parties included “the alcoholic drinking game 'Beer Pong,'” the report says. When interviewed, students told administrators that between four and five parties had been held, and Frye had provided the alcohol at at least one of them. At other times, the booze came from a student's older brother. After a night of drinking, the kids would pass out in Frye's living room and drive home in the morning.
While the names in the police report have all been redacted, it appears as though there were at least six students involved in the party group.
Students also told school officials about rumors that Frye had been having sex with one of the high schoolers. The student in question, who is 18, had been known to visit Frye's bedroom. But when interviewed by administrators, he said that he hadn't slept with Frye–he had just been in her room to use her computer for school work.
The police report also mentioned photos showing Frye sitting by a campfire with one of the students in Silverwood, California over Spring Break.
Frye was apparently placed on leave and escorted off campus on May 18.
“We investigated the allegations, and at this time are unable to prove the occurrence of any illegal activity,” said Orange PD spokesman Sgt. Dan Adams in an e-mail. “As a result, there are no criminal charges being filed against Ms. Frye at this time.” 
Larry Hausner, a spokesman for Orange Unified School District, told us last week that the district doesn't comment on personnel matters. We're waiting to hear back to see whether they have anything to say about the cops' incident report, which was obtained by the Weekly on Monday. We've contacted Frye but she hasn't commented.
If you have any details about the matter, e-mail me. The police report is posted below:

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