Dessert of the Week: Turtle Pie at Silky Sullivan's

Silky Sullivan's in Fountain Valley offers three things in abundance: tacky decor, old men drinking pints of Guinness and waitresses wearing plaid mini-skirts. The dining room is filled with those metal chairs you always find in churches, and the tables are lined with paper placemats with a monthly calendar of specials printed on them. If none of that scares you off, and you don't mind a bar atmosphere around youthere will be at least one person getting tanked in the cornerthen the Turtle Pie is for you.


You're risking a sugar coma with this one, but it's worth every bite. This pie is made with vanilla ice cream that has caramel and pecans mixed in with a dark-chocolate cookie crust. The slice is covered in fudge, whipped cream, caramel, and bits of pecans. Yet despite being an undeniable sucrose bomb, the Turtle Pie is not as overwhelmingly sweet as its ingredient list makes it sound; the bitter notes from the dark chocolate crust and the pecans add much-needed complexity to what could have been a cloying combo. The double layer of that crust is delectable, and the pie is kept ice-cold so you don't have to deal with a melting mess.

And since the Turtle Pie only costs $4.50, you can afford to join that drunk guy for a round of beers.

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