Dessert of the Week: Honey Toast at Tokyo Table

The Diamond Jamboree center in Irvine is somehow always packed, no matter what time it is. After navigating the parking lot, you'll find Tokyo Table inhabiting a corner of the center. Previously only found in Arcadia, this restaurant has the vibe of a dimly lit lounge and serves modern Japanese cuisine. (Sushi pizza, anyone?) For Dessert of the Week, we turn our forks to the house specialty, Honey Toast.


The name is literal–it's white bread that has been toasted and drizzled with honey–but the presentation is too fun to pass up. The thick slices have been hollowed out and cubed. The crusts of the bread slices are built up like mini structures and filled back in with the cubes that had been previously cut out. Order the Honey Toast with caramel for an extra boost of sweetness–and don't worry, the caramel is not overwhelming. The other options are chocolate, cinnamon, strawberry or the original. 

The various elements of the dessert–crunchy toast cubes paired with two scoops of vanilla ice cream and lightly covered in honey–have a surprising impact in the eating. The flavors of the dessert are clearly basic, but the textures provide something unique and unexpected. You will find yourself wondering why you're eating toast for dessert, but you won't be able to stop.

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