Dessert of the Week: Creme Brulee at Lua Bistrot

So, at most restaurants the most you can hope for is a complimentary after dinner mint or, if you're lucky, a fancy pants restaurant might cough up a chocolate square to soften the blow of the bill. Well, at Lua Bistrot, a brand-spankin'-new Vietnamese and French fusion restaurant that opened little more than a month ago in Westminster, you get the whole shabang.

With each delicious and beyond reasonably priced entree, you can expect a complimentary creme brulee and it isn't of the low-end variety either.

More on this delectable dish after the jump!

The texture is not overly thick or runny with a crisp, thin layer of
caramelized sugar on top. The sugar shell delivers a satisfying crack
when you pierce it with the end of your spoon and the crème brûlée
itself is rich and creamy. There is no distinctive trace of egginess;
just silky smooth cream with just the right amount of sweetness.

the picture the above with a strawberry garnish. The dish is about
three square inches and the creme brulee fills it about three-fourths
of an inch from the bottom. It's may not be the most generous portion,
but it sure as hell beats a stale chocolate-swirled after dinner mint.

9892 Westminster Ave
Garden Grove, CA 92844

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