Dessert for Every Personality: A Lady M Cake Boutique Guide

Matches with everything. Photo courtesy Lady M.

We’ve never tried a crepe cake before. And, until recently, never stepped inside Lady M. It was a series of firsts, so if you were as overwhelmed as us the first time you visited, a little extra hand holding never hurt anyone. So here’s our Lady M: Intro 101. With over two dozen delectables to debate over, we took it down to the six we actually tried.

Simply irresistible. Photo courtesy Lady M.

The Purist – Signature Mille Crepes
A classic. Like vanilla ice cream, it is sweet and straightforward. If you need a baseline, this is where you start. Every crepe cake produced at Lady M is a minimum of 20 layers of deliciousness. We should also share that we were schooled on how to properly eat one. It prevents you from eating too much cream per bite. Or, as our friend commented, “Why do I want less cream?”

A matcha made in heaven. Photo courtesy Lady M.

The Tea Drinker – Green Tea Mille Crepes (sub Earl Grey)
As great as coffee is, tea is pretty damn special. And who doesn’t want a quick matcha fix these days? It’s not only infused throughout every layer, but they give dessert a final dusting to finish it off. As an alternative, their Earl Grey is just as divine. It’s topped with tea leaves and edible blue cornflowers. Pair one with a corresponding hot beverage, and it’s an afternoon delight.

But does it stain your teeth? Photo courtesy Lady M.

The Influencer – Charcoal Mille Crepes
Among a sea of cakes, this is definitely the standout. Mysterious and dark, charcoal is almost intimidating. Now that you know proper form (see Signature Mille Crepes), allow layers of pastry cream infused with both charcoal and light coffee to wash over your sweet tooth. Crisp cacao nibs decorate the top layer of pitch black ganache. Bust out your camera phone for this, or place an order for a whole cake; Irvine is the only boutique that is making it!

The Non-Conformist – Miroir Caramel
We move away from the crepe layers for the second half of our coverage. You want different? They’ve got different. Instead of crepes, you are gifted with layers of indulgent chocolate and caramel. At its base is chocolate sponge cake. Directly above, you’ll discover uber dark chocolate mousse – then, another layer of mousse – but this time it’s caramel! Miroir seals the deal with a caramel coating so pretty, it shines.

Gimme! Photo courtesy Lady M.

The Seasonal Eater – Pumpkin Nuage
Tis the time of year for all things pumpkin, so naturally we had to go for a slice of Nuage. Imagine the richness of pie with the velvet feel of cheesecake, but not feeling quite so full afterwards. Available through the end of the year, it was love at first bite for us. In fact, we ordered one to bring to our work potluck (Note: All cake orders require a minimum of 2 days notice). Totally worth it.

Pink ladies. Photo courtesy Lady M.

The Philanthropist – Lady M Pink Eclairs
Petite and easy to eat, these little luxuries serve a dual purpose. 100% of proceeds from this October fundraiser go towards research for breast cancer at Memorial Sloan Kettering. The pink eclair’s delicate filling is reminiscent of strawberry Haagen Dazs. Buy a bunch and share the love with this tasty way to support a cause.

Lady M Cake Boutique is located at 2967 Michelson Dr. Ste. B,; (323) 825-8888.

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