Designer Stories: Roxy

Name: Sally Peckenpaugh, designer of Roxy Accessories, footwear and beauty supply
Age: 28

What's your background?

I studied fine art at UCLA, which was amazing. By the time I graduated, I wanted to either go on to grad school and become an art professor, or try to get into product development in the OC surf industry. I was especially interested in Roxy because it highlighted a lifestyle that I love. I managed to learn the business and get in the door here.

Why design in Orange County?

Roxy's here.

If you weren't doing this, what would you be doing?

I always thought that being a scientist would be neat—you know, a laboratory, beakers, chemicals, Bunsen burners, microscopes, the periodic table. But I hear it's not all glamour.

What's the first thing you ever designed?

I sewed up a mean pair of espadrilles when I was in second grade. Unfortunately, they couldn't be worn outside.

Finish this sentence: Fashion designers are . . .

Lucky people.

Finish this sentence: Clothes/ accessories are . . .

Things you put on your body when you don't want to be barefoot or naked.

Is there any particular CD you like to listen to while you design?

I don't necessarily depend on any one CD. Some of my favorites lately are the soundtrack to Virgin Suicides, the Sea and Cake's “the Fawn” and “Oui,” the Rushmore soundtrack, Tosca's “Suzuki.”

Who's someone you think has great style?

My amazing artist friend Trisha has the best style, and she doesn't even know it. I think fashion spies follow her around when she's not looking. She's forward in a really pretty and personal way that works for her.

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