Deedub's Lyrics & Apparel Line Radiate Pure Love

He opened for legends like Snoop Dogg and Eek-A-Mouse, he's learned production skills from Young Guru (producer for Jay-Z) and Khaliq-O-Vision (producer for Michael Jackson), but where Deedub's true bragging brights reside are in his positive lyricism. In 2012, the rapper released his first solo album titled Organic; a word that rings true for Deedub's mission being that he founded Deedub Records to conduct and nurture his reggae beats and hip-hop hooks. His most recent album, released in 2014 titled Liberation meditates on bliss, being conscious of how we interact with others in the world, and less abstract ideologies like drinking in his cabana, “like its pura vida”. This month the artist steps into unchartered territory as he debuts two silk-screened t-shirt's that promise a 5% donation to Sweet Relief Musicians Fund for the month of April. “We'll probably donate around 25% when its all said and done” Deedub adds and their partnership with Sweet Relief and other non-profits like Camp Southern Ground (Zac Brown Band's non-profit that enables kids to attend summer camp) will continue far beyond this months merchant sales.

Sweet Relief is a non-profit organization that provides assistance to musicians suffering from illness, disability, or old-age. The organization's supporters are somewhat endless, Beyonce and U2 (unsurprisingly), The Smashing Pumpkins, The Temptations, Wu-Tang Clan, Nick Valensi & Fabrizio Moretti (of The Strokes), Lou Reed, Lorde, the list goes on. Deedub notes,”A friend of mine introduced me to the partnership. I looked into it and immediately thought this is awesome. Being a musician it's only natural that I feel empathy towards other musicians and out of respect for music and what's its given me in my life, passion, drive, and just a motivation to do something everyday I decided to get involved.” He also spoke about a former music partner, unable to pursue music because of his illness, yet another significant reason this partnership is dear to his heart.


The first t-shirt features his signature logo, a stenciling design with a 3D feel, and the second design showcases Native American feathers on the upper lefthand corner of chest. “I wanted to design clothes that I'd like to wear. Things that look kind of street but pretty” another key component is low key. Deedub is disinterested in bright logos, “it's for kids to wear to skateparks or to school, musicians to wear to the recording studio.” Next for the apparel line is a little something for the ladies, tank tops, and come fall beanies, hoodies, and more t-shirt designs will premiere.

As for his music, Deedub continues to work 7 days a week demonstrating patience and persistence in his art. “The key ingredient is enjoying what you're doing, even the bad stuff that comes with it. I think that's one of the biggest factors of my success. It's crazy because a lot of the time you're working towards a goal and you don't know if you can reach it- then you're there before you know it. You have to have faith in your passion to keep going.” A new album is in the works for the artist, featuring hooks, beats, and vocals from his wife KLB. He notes that the new album takes yet another step away from hip-hop music and will continue to draw on his inspiration from reggae and classical music. “I want to encourage people to follow their path. Knowing that each path is unique and as valued as everyone else's. When you follow that path and your heart, you sing the song of the soul.”

To purchase t-shirt's designed by Deedub and donate to Sweet Relief click here.

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