Death From Above 1979- The Observatory- November 14th, 2014

Death From Above 1979
The Observatory

Tonight a band that represents chaos in the best possible way takes the stage at The Observatory after a decade apart. They've toured with Nine Inch Nails and Queens of the Stone Age with their hard hitting drums, noisy bass and epic screams creating dance-punk madness and tonight is no different. Singer/drummer Sebastian Grainger and bassist/synth player Jesse Keeler take the stage as some random dude in the audience screams “Bring them out! Bring them out!” A few fans throughout the crowd tighten up the bandanas on their heads and punk rock princesses with dark lipstick scream “I love you”.

The Toronto-based duo begins and the sold out venue goes mental, drinks pour out of hands spewing in the air towards body guards and photographers near the stage. An empty Modelo can get's tossed towards the feet of Keller, in all black, who jolts his head-backwards ridding his face of his already sweaty bangs covering his eyes. They perform “Right On, Frankenstein!” off their two month old album The Physical World – the product of a rekindled friendship that had to undergo six years of separation for artistic differences. Next up is “Blood On Our Hands,” “Cheap Talk” and an all-time cult-favorite “You're A Woman, I'm A Machine.”


A light fixture, mimicking their classic album art of self portrayed man elephants flashed in a rainbow of hues down the trunk of the elephant nose. Strobe lights were cast on the stage making the already impressive drum playing by Grainger that much more visually stimulating, in a nearly slow-mo trance. They play “Go Home, Get Down,” “My Love Is Shared,” “Trainwreck 1979” and “Crystal Ball” and you see their passion for the music and that mixed with a rush of punk.

Keller quickly guzzles down his beer and they begin again with “Dead Womb” as bodies fling in every which way and fans belt the lyrics as loud as they can. A scarf reading “Death From Above 1979” is held high in the crowd and fans roar as the song comes to a close. They perform “Going Steady,” “Little Girl” “Government Trash” and “Always On” and security guards grab skulls that dive towards the stage.

Whether you're a fan of the epic year DFA1979 released their revered album “You're A Woman, I'm A Machine” in 2004 and shook the punk rock scene or have discovered them via Coachella '11, or maybe even the CSS single “Lets Make Love and Listen To Death From Above,” the re-formation of this band has not only enabled Grainger & Keller to feel alive again through their music but it's also given fans the ability to do the same. With that said, DFA1979, don't tease us- keep making music!

Set List
Right On, Frankenstein!
Blood On Our Hands
Cheap Talk
You're A Woman, I'm A Machine
Go Home, Get Down
My Love Is Shared
Trainwreck 1979
Crystal Ball
Dead Womb
Going Steady
Little Girl
Government Trash
Always On

Losing Friends
Romantic Rights

Random/Awesome Fact: Joseph Keller's side project is MSTRKFT.

(Disclaimer: Don't quote me on the set list)

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