Dave Mosso

Photo by Jeanne Rice(THURSDAYS, 10 A.M.-NOON)

• Atticus Council live on KUCI, April 14 (unreleased). “OC's first and last hope for jazz-improv salvation.”

• David Boykin Outet, Evidence of Life on Other Planets, Vol. 1 (Thrilljockey). “'70s avant/free-jazz spirit; '90s players and sound. The real deal.”

• Shape Shifters, 2012. “Local conscious outer-spacey hip-hop.”

• The Pressure, Things Move Fast (Elastic). “Get well, Jason.”

• The Art Davis Trio, featuring Billy Higgins and Nels Cline (live gig). “Cline proves himself yet again alongside these two jazz titans.”

• Godspeed You Black Emperor!, Slow Riot for New Zero Kanada (Kranky). “Space-rock heirs from Canada? Who knew?”

• Edith Frost, Telescopic (Drag City). “Hold me all night.”

• Thurston Moore/Evan Parker/Walter Prati, The Promise (Materiali Sonori). “Sick-ass guitar/sax/bass improvs from Italia. Bring the noise.”

• Nina Simone, Wild Is the Wind/High Priestess of Soul (Phillips/Mercury). “Nina sings, and time stops. It's that simple.”

• Superchunk, Come Pick Me Up (Merge). “Better with age, as the saying goes. Don't let anyone tell you different.”

• Sonic Youth live with borrowed gear at This Ain't No Picnic, July 4.

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