Danzig On Danzig, And How Much He Hates Interviews, In Illustrated Form

Feeling blue lately? We bet you chalked it up to 'June Gloom', but the truth is: you were subconsciously jonsing for a post about Glenn Danzig. Perhaps a statue of Danzig riding a dragon would lift your spirits even higher.

Austin resident James Moody proposed the idea of a “statue of Danzig riding a dragon, welcoming visitors to the Red River Cultural District” during an Austin Music Commission meeting last Monday.

Moody, the owner of The Mohawk, a live music venue, told KEYE TV his idea was made mostly in jest, but added, “If they're willing to do it in gold” — possibly with ruby eyes — “I'll submit it as a serious idea.”

We'd photobomb it.

Fans of Danzig have learned difficult lessons in the past, like never film Danzig on stage and to never punch Danzig in the face, but the best lessons are learned when Danzig talks about his beliefs.

As much as Danzig is presumed to spread negativity, he also provides useful insight. We think Danzig sounds pretty enlightening in this explanation he gave to jammagazine.com:

“You see, most people don't want the burden of knowledge. As the old saying goes, with knowledge comes responsibility. And that responsibility includes being held accountable for your actions. When you don't have to think about everything, you lead a simple life. You go off to work then you come home, kiss your wife, eat dinner, watch TV, fall asleep, wake up in the morning and start your daily routine all over again. A lot of people really like that simplicity in their lives… For other people, they need to constantly quench their thirst for knowledge. They need to search out the truth, find the light to learn what life is really all about. There are searchers and there are those just happy to exist. I prefer the former.”

Read on to learn how Danzig feels about his image and why he hates being interviewed.

Quotation above via jammagazine.com.


–via jammagazine.com

–via jammagazine.com

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–via jammagazine.com

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