Dana Watch: For Whom the Bell Trolls

Illustration by Bob Aul

Part of watching Dana requires checking out his Facebook page. However, it was not until a very recent time I did this that I noticed all the comments gremlins leave under his posts. They are hilarious.

Take the one under the invitation to the March 11 “St. Patrick’s Fun-raiser” at Skosh Monahan’s in Costa Mesa, where one is invited to “join freedom fighters and revelers from OC and beyond. We will toast to Ronald Reagan and carry on the freedom revolution in the spirit of Andrew Breitbart.” Karen Nyhlen writes, “When I see tributes to Reagan, who helped spur the demise of the savings and loans, and RACIST Andrew Breitbart, I literally want to puke. I will have a hard time voting for you when you honor people who are not heroes and don’t care about Americans.”

Under a photo with four other white guys of a certain age, Rohrabacher posts, “Conferred with a delegation of Newport Beach officials about the need for dredging the bay and shark mitigation along Orange County’s coastline.” That prompted Maureen Corps to write (and end with a laughing emoji) this: “Shark mitigation? LOL. You better be worried about sharks since the ocean will be your only escape route when the warrant is issued for your arrest.”

Indeed, Rohrabacher’s reputation as “Putin’s favorite congressman” is a constant theme. Under a Feb. 22 post about the congressman meeting with constituents in the district about “airplane noise, human trafficking, illegal immigration, cannabis, health care and law enforcement,” Adam Blake comments, “I was not aware that airplane noise was a hot-button issue in Russia? Just out of curiosity, though, wouldn’t it have been cheaper for you to just fly to Moscow to meet with your constituents rather than flying them for this meeting? Feel like that would have been the fiscally conservative thing to do.”

Rohrabacher does not even escape unscathed after sharing someone else’s post that includes photos of Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) stumping for the congressman in Newport Beach. Writes David Dove of Rohrabacher, “This commie clown should be very nervous. The walls are closing in. Nowhere to run or hide. Can hardly wait to see this traitor crying on his way to prison for life. Your family must be very proud. Your Russian family that is.”

Facebook trolling: It’s not just for pro-Trump Russian hackers anymore!

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