Dan Deacon at UC Irvine Wednesday

Good news for people seeking left-of-the-dial music in a live setting: KUCI, University of California Irvine's radio station, is starting to sponsor concerts (along with ASUCI) at the college's Pacific Ballroom. The first show happens Wed. Jan. 16, 7 p.m., featuring Dan Deacon, Ultimate Reality, Lucky Dragons and Abe Vigoda (not the actor famous for his role as Fish on Barney Miller). Learn about the artists on the bill here. Looks like a hell of a lot of unhinged lo-fi rock and prankstertronic fun for a Wednesday night.

KUCI general manager Mike Kaspar is hoping to draw 300-500 people for these concerts. Considering that UCI has 30,000 students, this shouldn't be too hard to achieve. The attendance of the Deacon show will help to determine whether future bookings will happen. This series is part of KUCI's effort to increase its profile on campus and in Orange County—as well as to bring in musical talent that ordinarily wouldn't get booked around here. It's a development worth supporting.

Check out the Ultimate Reality video below, starring the Governator. Pretty damned awesome.

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