D23 Expo Coverage: John Lasseter Unveils New Mattel Chase Cars

Pixar's own John Lasseter showed up at the Mattel booth on Friday at the D23 Expo in Anaheim to help announce the release of a new set of extremely rare chase cars.

He also accepted a gift from Mattel: the first car in the series to be released.

Learn more about the cars, and see photos from the event, after the jump.
Ah… you made it after the jump. Nice. High-five!

But before I get to all that John Lasseter stuff, I wanted to show you this insane Lego sculpture of Lightning McQueen they had on display at D23.

Holy crap. Seriously, look at that detail.

I hope that sucker is glued together.

Alright, anyway, as mentioned in the pre-jump, Lasseter popped his head in at the Mattel booth to help announce a new line of super-rare chase cars that will be released soon. Of course, as one would expect, madness ensued.

Rightfully so. Lasseter up there when it comes to creative geniuses; I met even say he's right alongside folks like Jim Henson and–GASP!–Walt Disney.

Oh, man, I know I'm gonna get some hate comments from the Walt loyalists for that one, huh? Well, what else is new, right?

Anyway, Mattel presented John with a figure of the character Janne “Flash” Nilsson. Not familiar with him? That's probably because he only appears in the Swedish version of “Cars 2.” That's just how rare he is, suckas!

Here's John showing him off to the rest of the media hounds.

And here's John all smiles with his shiny new toy.

Look for your own Janne “Flash” Nilsson car, and other super-rare Mattel chase cars, at your local toy shop. Or, more accurately, pay a teenaged stock boy to look for them for you.

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