D23 Expo Coverage: Disney/Pixar Announces Two Original Films

Disney/Pixar just announced two new original films at the D23 Expo!

Learn details on each new film after the jump!
Disney/Pixar announced two new films at D23 today, and the best news is that both films will be originals and not sequels of existing titles!

The original films are next on Pixar's slate after next year's “Brave” (June 22nd, 2012) and the “Monsters, Inc.” prequel “Monsters University” in 2013 (June 21st, 2013). Here's a trailer for the former.

The first original film will be directed by Bob Peterson and produced by John Walker. The movie, which for now is being referred to as “The Untitled Pixar Movie About Dinosaurs,” will ask the question: What if the asteroid that hit Earth and caused dinosaurs to go extinct missed? The film will depict a world where humans and dinosaurs share the Earth together. It is scheduled for a November 27th, 2013 release.

The second original will be directed by Pete Docter and produced Jonas Rivera, and is described as a film that will explore the world inside the human mind. Whoa. Trippy! It's scheduled for a May 30th, 2014 release.

Pixar also announced yesterday at D23 that a new Toy Story short, titled “Short Fry,” will be shown before “The Muppets” when it opens this November.

Stay tuned for more D23 updates!

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