Current TV's Fix: The Future (or Present) of Music Journalism?

Fix Extended Play is a new online video music magazine hosted by Douglas Caballero for a company called Current. The premiere episode (view all 21 minutes of it here) includes feature-y segments on Portland punks the Thermals, M.I.A.-ish electro diva Santogold, UK electronic-pop chameleons Hot Chip (surprisingly hyping experimental-noise unit Gang Gang Dance) and shamrock punks Dropkick Murphys.

Next week's ish goes live Tuesday March 11 at 7 p.m. PT, and features Moby, Spoon, Diplo, Radical Face and Current’s user-generated concert film All Eyes On: My Morning Jacket.

Fix's aesthetic is firmly middle of the “alternative” road: slightly edgy, but not really transgressive or digging too deeply into the underground. It's more Blender than The Wire or Arthur. Maybe that will change over time—or maybe Fix will become more conservative with its coverage. Obviously, it's too soon to make any definitive judgments. Whatever the case, I'll be keeping a close eye (maybe even two of 'em) on Fix to see how it develops.

Also, if Fix is the future of music journalism (or a major part of said future—and the present, to be honest), it makes this print-oriented bastard ambivalent and a little uneasy. Like, how would my monotone voice and scraggly beard go over on the little terminal screen? Excuse me while I fret…

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