Current Hits That Sound Like Rip-Offs, Here's Proof

Lately our ears have been doing double-takes. The hits the radio plays are new, but the riffs sound similar to riffs we've already heard. Are the similarities found in following song pairings a coincidence or deliberate rip-off? You be the judge:


Queens of the Stone Age's I Sat By The Ocean sounds a lot like the theme song to Beavis and Butthead:

New Politics's Harlem sounds a lot like The Knack's My Sharona:


OneRepublic's Counting Stars sounds a little like Madonna's Hung Up:


Bastille's Pompeii sounds vaguely like Toto's Africa:


Capital Cities's Safe And Sound sounds a lot like MGMT's Kids:


One Direction's Midnight Memories sounds too much like Def Leppard's Pour Some Sugar on Me:


Mumford & Sons' The Cave sounds too much like Mumford & Sons' Little Lion Man:

which sounds too much like Mumford & Sons' I Will Wait:

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