Cure That Hangover! Top 5 Numerically Named Drinking Games

Not many people can say they get paid to drink. And although I love this opportunity to track down new bars and cheap wine tastings, I need a break this week to cure my, well, hangover. Instead of giving you a new drink to try, I leave you with a top five list of drinking games with numerical titles. The Weekly does not condone binge drinking, of course, but these games are in fact guaranteed to get you hammered.

1. Edward Fortyhands

Everyone loves the movie Edward Scissorhands, and it's true: you really can turn anything into a drinking game. To play Edward Fortyhands, each person needs to have 40s of cheap beer duct taped to both of their hands and the first to finish wins. The Rules: You must remain as an Edward Scissorhands look-alike until you completely finish those Mickey's, and you can't use the restroom.

2. Century Cup Beer Pong

As you can see in this YouTube video, you must have a ping-pong table or an area equivalent in size to get the full experience of 100-cup beer pong. As you would with a regular game of beer pong (aka Beirut), line up the cups as a pyramid with 100 on each side. So that you don't suffer from alcohol poisoning, you're going to need to make teams to take turns trying to toss a ping pong ball into the opposite team's cups. Since the rules can vary so much, I send you to the National Beer Pong League's website of rules. Yes, it's that official!

3. Power Hour N Century Club

Power Hour is a college student's pre-party for a night out: 60 minutes, 60 shots of cheap beer. There are few websites that help out with Power Hour and will play one-minute clips of songs for an hour. Each time the song changes you take a shot of beer. Be ready for the game by having at least a case of beer on hand. If you want to enter the big leagues, play Century Club. Essentially the same thing as Power Hour but it lasts for 100 minutes and hopefully so do you.

4. Quarters

Quarters requires only a few things: alcohol, shot glasses, quarters, and a table. Sit in a circle around the table and place an empty shot glass in the center (if the group is large, have two shot glasses out). The goal is for the shooter to bounce the quarter off of the table and into the shot glass. If the shooter makes it in the first try, they choose who has to drink. If the shooter misses, the quarter is passed to the person on their left and it's their turn to try. To make the game a little easier, use a shooter glass.

5. Sixes

Along with the rest of these drinking games, the goal of Sixes is to get everyone drunk but to make it more exciting than just chugging a few beers. Line up six cups, have a pitcher of beer handy, and get a die. Everyone sits in a circle and someone begins by rolling the die. The number that you roll corresponds to that cup in the line. If the cup is empty (which is will be for the first player), fill it with as much beer as you'd like and pass the die to the person sitting next to you (direction does not matter as long as you keep it consistent). If someone rolls the die and there is already beer in the cup, that person has to chug the contents. The game keeps going until you run out of beer, clear the table or pass out.

Have fun!

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