Creamistry, A Liquid Nitrogen Dessert Joint, Now Open In Irvine

Creamistry, a sweets spot (and non-chain for once!), opens today in Irvine as OC's first liquid nitrogen destination. What exactly is Creamistry? It's DIY ice cream. Choose your size (starting at $4.75), your base and finally your mix-ins and/or toppings. They add the liquid nitrogen. And Voila, dessert is served! Still not convinced? Here are a few visual aids.


Liquid nitrogen is the main 'ingredient' in these desserts. Its temperature is at a cool -321 degrees. After selecting your size, the ice cream base is up to you. Lactose intolerant folks can opt for water-based sorbet or soy alternative. Both blend well with fruit flavors. Organic and premium bases have a two percent difference in butterfat. Organic is non-GMO and KSA Kosher. At 16% butterfat, premium is preservative-free and the richest of all tastes.

We lost count of the flavors at 40, but you get the idea. Nut flavors include roasted almond and hazelnut. Fruity tastes offer passion fruit, lychee and even mango. Their extensive creamy options rule the list. Get adventurous with popcorn, black sesame, churro or cotton candy. And yes, there is a bacon flavor. We don't have enough time to go over toppings and mix-ins, so read the menu over before ordering. Nobody's a fan of indecisive folks who slow down the line.

The thing that makes liquid nitrogen a user-friendly, molecular gastronomy tool is its ability to very quickly freeze whatever it comes into contact with. Creamistry explains this chemical reaction by stating that it causes particles to stay very small, creating an ultra smooth and creamy texture. Our favorite part of the process (besides watching all the cool vapors form) is standing thisclose to their mixers and benefiting from the frosty air passing beneath the partition.

After all is said and done, you're left with a super creamy treat. Highfalutin for some, we guarantee the kidlets and science geeks will be happy to step right up with their order. Our tummy is churning thinking about all the butterfat. There's a quote about eating dessert first, because you never know what's going to happen next. Sounds like a plan.

Creamistry is located at 3972 Barranca Pkwy, #D, Irvine; (949) 777-6627;

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