Cortina's Italian Market Reopens Anaheim Location

Six months ago, Cortina's original Anaheim market suffered damage from a morning fire. While their Orange location geared up to launch the following week, loyal patrons waited through the summer and beyond fall for news of its return. Well, the wait is over.

They announced the first week of December that a re-opening would occur over the weekend. I hesitated to announce the good news, because they briefly closed on the seventh to, ” . . . replenish our stock and cook, cook, cook so we can feed all of you!!” As of Wednesday, December 8, they are now open every single day until Christmas Eve.


With the original back in business, Cortina's Orange will return to its previous hours, which translates to being closed Saturdays. In addition, all catering orders are now back in Anaheim. Customer inquiries can be directed to Terri at (714) 535-1948. Buon Appetito!

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