Copying Beethoven

If Immortal Beloved and Eroica just didn't satisfy that need for all things Ludwig Van, then, well, you've probably already seen 2006's Copying Beethoven. But for those who haven't, we suggest heading over to the Bowers Museum for a special screening of director Agnieszka Holland's documentary starring Ed Harris (a surprisingly well-suited casting choice) and Diane Kruger (the token gorgeous blonde waif). We enter the story of Beethoven's life in his last few years, as he prepares for the premiere performance of his Ninth Symphony. The cantankerous genius needs help with copying the musical charts, so a young composition student named Anna Holtz comes to his aid. The relationship between the two is portrayed as complicated and volatile, but more believably earnest than in previous stories. Something fun for the Beethoven-philes: Try to pick out the instance a title is mentioned—but the work was not given that particular name until after the composer's death.

Thu., May 1, 1:30 p.m., 2014

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