Computer Love

Indie-pop singer/songwriter—and criminally little-known artist—Ingrid Michaelson is returning to the House of Blues this Election Day. (Hopefully, she has already cast her New York absentee ballot.) Though she may not be plastered on billboards or share any pages in US Weekly with Britney Spears, if you type in “Old Navy sweater commercial,” “One Tree Hill” or “Grey’s Anatomy soundtrack” on YouTube, you’ll see she’s all over the place. Everyone loves an underdog, and the story of her quiet rise from singing on MySpace to performing in front of packed audiences parallels her equally charming melodies and lyrics. We have the Internet to thank for Michaelson’s success, so why not embrace it by giving her a Google, ordering tickets from your preferred online ticket broker, and then actually stepping away from the screen to see the show?
Tue., Nov. 4, 8 p.m., 2008

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