Cold Cave at the Detroit Bar Over The Weekend

Cold Cave

September 3, 2010
Detroit Bar
Prior to their appearance at the FYF Fest in Los Angeles, Cold Cave unveiled their icy soundscapes inside the dimly lit Detroit Bar. Screaming oscillators and tortured synthesizers roared during “I.C.D.K” as Wesley Eisold added his foreboding vocals. While most electronic based bands rely on drum machines, Guy Licata injected some life with steady drumming that added a warm touch to the cold synthesizers. 


The stuttering beat and shuffling hi-hat of “The Laurels of Erotomania” was ominous and reminiscent of an old dark German dance factory in the '80s. Jennifer Clavin soon took her turn at the microphone for “Life Magazine” adding a different slant on their dark vibe. Channelling the tortured soul of Ian Curtis of Joy Division, “Hello Rats” sounded dirge like with its marching drum beat and worm like synthesizers. 
While the subject matter may be dark, the synthesizers of “Youth and Lust” inspired a carefree dance party in front of the stage. Dominick Fernow hovered over his keyboards for “Love Comes Close” which sounds sonically close to the beginning of New Order's “Temptation.” A storm of white noise washed over the crowd before finishing their set with “Theme From Tomorrowland” and a brief thank you.

​Abe Vigoda have turned in their tropical punk ways for a darker electronic bleak wave sound. It was a shame the Detroit Bar hadn't filled up for a solid batch of new tunes that relied heavily on electronic drum patterns and guitars soaked in reverb and delay. Abe Vigoda's new album Crush comes out at the end of this month as they are set to tour with fellow noisemakers No Age.
Personal Bias: Cold Cave had three coffin cases full of synthesizer gear which pretty much guarantees a good show.
Crowd: Very thin, due to the impending FYF Fest happening the next day which probably prompted people to stay home and save their energy.
Overheard in the Crowd: “I have seen Cold Cave 10 times,” said the fangirl in the front row who was excitedly singing along to every song.
Random Notebook Dump: Juan Velazquez from Abe Vigoda was dancing like a mad man at the front of the stage for Cold Cave.

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