Club Thriller 10-Year Reunion

While the '90s fashion comeback surges on with gusto, there is arguably no better decade to inspire ridiculous throwback-themed nightclubs than the '80s. Starting around the turn of the millennium, '80s clubs were on everyone's weekend lists, heading out to Hollywood clubs like Blue Mondays and Beat It. But Orange County held its own with the epic dance spot Club Thriller. Now celebrating a 10-year reunion at the Yost Theatre, they're bringing back all the neon tank-tops, unflattering hairstyles, and deliciously crazy eye makeup for one night. Come help them bid farewell to an era as the nostalgia club trend morphs into the '90s. Just think, in about 20 years, kids will go to clubs wearing jeggings and twerk to Pitbull.

Sat., March 8, 10 p.m., 2014

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