Now See This: Cinema Twain @Brea Improv

Cinema Twain

Val Kilmer has a long acting resume of impressive credentials. To many people, he is the quintessential Doc Holliday, Jim Morrison, Moses, etc. But for his current performance, he presents himself in the persona of non other than Mark Twain for an evening of comedy!

Cinema Twain is a film, which features Kilmer in the role of Twain for his one man comedy play, Citizen Twain, which Kilmer will present at the Brea Improv tonight as part of his tour to promote the film/play.

So, it’s a twofer!

For the cost of admission, you get one live Kilmer and one on film. Critics have been raving about this one, now you can too!

Val Kilmer Presents Cinema Twain at Brea Improv, 180 S. Brea Blvd., Brea, (714) 482-0700; Sun., Aug. 26, 7 p.m. $29-$69. 18+.

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