Chronic Amber Ale from Pizza Port Brewing Company, Our Drink of the Week!

Drink of the Week normally begins with a description of the bar or brewery the drink came from. This week, the drink came out of a garage refrigerator.

There was no secret knock, no hidden doors leading to speakeasies, and no trip up north for a taste of some rare craft beer. The only journey required was a drive to Pizza Port Brewing Company in San Clemente to buy a six pack.

Pizza Port just recently started canning some of their beers, and, man, did they make the right decision.


Three of their popular beers have been canned: Swamis IPA, Ponto Session IPA, and their Chronic Amber Ale. While their IPAs are well done and perfect for a sunny day in Southern California, it's the amber ale that's the true treat.

The beer is a rich garnet in color and has boozers drinking with their eyes before their mouths. Once the mouths catch up, Chronic starts with a slight bitter pinch, cooling off with a warm malty, caramel finish. Pizza Port's Chronic Amber Ale is the kind of beer that you can enjoy but that you can also keep drinking.

If you frequent the Pizza Port, you're familiar with their massive guest beer list, which hosts beer from around the world. You understand how hard it is to pass over a rare beer in favor of a Pizza Port brew you can have anytime.

Well, now you can have a pint and bring home a six pack, too.

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