Christmas Sushi [Hey, You!]

It was really nice to see your sushi place near the Newport pier still open and brightly lit on Christmas Eve, when it seemed the whole town was otherwise already dark and closed up. I’d been craving sushi all day, so I made a beeline there. You guys welcomed me in and took my order, which came almost immediately, as I was the only person there at first. I still had a nearly full Sapporo, so I decided to skip the hot sake I usually like to have with the meal. When your server checked on me later, I was already slowing down, but she convinced me to go for the sake I was missing—it was Christmas, after all, she said cheerfully. I finished the last few pieces of sashimi along with that sake—it really was the perfect touch. When the bill came, she told me the sake was on the house! It was Christmas, she said again. I went back out into the cold and dark with a renewed faith in humanity . . . not to mention glowing-red ears from the sake. I sure hope the tip I left reflected my appreciation for your kindness. Thanks again!

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