Chapman Professor McLaren Reflects on Fascism in Orange County

Pro-Trump supporters at the violent 2017 march in Huntington Beach. Photo: OC Weekly

The rise of fascists in Orange County has been well-documented in recent years. The OC Weekly itself got a bitter taste of it in 2017, when violent supporters of President Donald Trump attacked three of our reporters in Huntington Beach. Follow-up reporting by Frontline and ProPublica revealed violent right-wing networks and training throughout Orange County.

Which is why it’s nice to see Peter McLaren, a Distinguished Professor of Critical Studies at Chapman University, take on the subject of right-wing violence in a new essay for the journal Educational Philosophy and Theory. It’s barely six pages long, but the piece is quite angry and powerful. Here’s just the first paragraph of McLaren’s essay:

I live in the city of Orange, California, on the border with Anaheim, in a small suburban enclave nested between two foul smelling cement factories. Many of the men in my neighborhood proudly sport Vietnam Veteran caps. The neighborhood is flanked by industrial parks, small businesses encased in paint- flecked strip malls, and big-box superstores. People in the nearby streets can watch the fireworks from Disneyland if they live in a two-story house, provided that at least one of the rooms on the top floor is facing West. You will find a lot of bikers bouncing along the crumbling streets in their Harleys, some visibly displaying pro-Trump paraphernalia and Pepe the Frog logos on their Nazi helmets. The city of Orange is also one of the centers of California car culture, where a visitor is likely to see more retrofitted 1950s “coches Americanos” or “maquinas” than when cruising the streets of Havana. Like many Orange County residents, I frequent the beach communities on weekends. One of the most popular beaches is only a half hour drive from my house, and is called Huntington Beach. Huntington Beach is one of many locations where ethno-nationalists and neo-Nazis in Southern California like to hold demonstrations. During pro-Trump demonstrations you are likely to see members of the Rise Above Movement (RAM) hanging around the cheap beachfront shops. This is a group that is very good at being very bad. RAM is a neo-Nazi, white ethno-nationalist group that is connected to other groups such as Identitarian Identity Evropa, the hate-filled, far-right neo-fascist organization, Proud Boys, and Hammerskin Nation, a neo-Nazi skinhead group. RAM members practice street fighting so that they can attack anti-fascists like myself. They boast about their pugilistic skills, sometimes sporting faux-medieval shields stamped with the Schwarze Sonne, Celtic Cross or Viking runes. They are all too eager to take violent action unbidden. And when they go to battle in the streets they sometimes impress their Antifa opponents with full helmets, shoulder guards and plate limb defenses. I’m surprised they don’t sport leather jerkins in their off hours. Their clarion call is “free speech” but their real rallying cry is meant to foment a vile antipathy towards Muslims, immigrants, and people of color and to support the impious shenanigans of God’s “chosen one,” President Donald Trump.

It’s a rough essay about the rough times–and place–we live in. Click here to read it.

Click here to read why McLaren supports Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’s education platform. And click here to read about McLaren’s recent stream-of-consciousness paper on his own life and revolutionary theory.

98 Replies to “Chapman Professor McLaren Reflects on Fascism in Orange County”

  1. Do you really think these Neo-Nazi groups would not exist if Trump were not president ? These groups have existed long before Trump was elected. Be a real journalist and report the real facts.

    Note: I am an independent. While I do not agree with many of the things Trump says (Tweet’s), there are many of his actions I do agree with.

      1. Uhh to protect our borders , to stop millions of people coming into our country illegally and flooding our streets with heroin , fytenal , crystal meth etc etc . Doing away with laws like the “Super Preditor” law that put thousands of blacks in prison for 20 to life for petty crimes that Bill Clinton passed in the 90’s . Looking into crimes that where committed by past leaders , like Biden and his son. Stopping unfair trade practices by China and other countries . Rebuilding our infrastructure . Restoring jobs and having the lowest unemployment in over 50 years . Doing away with Obamacare . Aren’t these all things that all Americans should support ? Or are we still worried about not hurting anyone’s feelings and being politically correct ?

        1. I’m going to guess the whole beat and jail anybody of color, starve and jail children and take away all voting rights is the part he believes in

          1. Do You mean not Allowing Illegal aliens to vote? It that's what you meant then OF COURSE they have no Rights❗❗ They've Already broken the law byNotComing to America the Legal Right way Proving the Do Not Deserve to be her!!e says:

            Your IGNORANCE Is Showing. Where are you getting your fiction from?❓ And “taking away all voting rights” ❓ What are You talking about?!

        2. Good jod I’m with you. Mr Lando.

          Neo Nazi, bullshit , I was at that Trump Rally it was a good rally until antifa Iddits trying to shut it down. Antifa was shut down by good Americans.

          Proud to be Saxon.

          1. I was surfing at the beach and saw antifa attack a peaceful rally. I don’t agree with the politics of Trump but it is America were all points of view should be allowed to be heard. Antifa clearly was in HB to violently confront an otherwise peaceful rally.

        3. You can’t stop the drugs from coming in man, your fellow Americans love their drugs and until that need and demand for drugs ends it’s never gonna change…they are just sullying a demand, also for the last 20 years illegal immigrants have come into the country legally from the start, but end up overstaying their allotted visa time or they pay an american citizen to them then use their papers to come in thru the front door, so those walls won’t change a thing, you got too many of your fellow American business man that love to hire those illegals and that demand will always be filled….

      2. Perhaps you should watch the financial news rather than sit and watch CNN and The View all day long!? Hilarious question posed by someone who loves Obama & Hillary.

    1. Oh but the small very small nazi groups around supporting trump work perfectly into the media narrative that everything trump does is racist which is the bad word the democrats use whenever they can’t come up with a intelligent reply to an argument or something doesn’t go there way. It’s just another fake journalist working for fake news

    2. Every word in this pathetic article is a lie. I’m born and raised Orange County, my son lives in Orange. His description and characterization of orange is a blatant lie. Orange is a quaint little town with Chapman college and the Orange traffic circle and the annual Orange street fair attended by thousands. The author Anthony pigface probable hasn’t even been to Orange and is a graduate of the liberal hate everything and everyone school of journalism. Go back to the Maui weekly which is a free rag given away at local shops and is only read by people waiting for their order at juice it up.

      1. His description of Orange is not a lie, it just doesn’t match your perspective. I moved out of Orange for more diverse spaces precisely because of the neighborhoods around Chapman. I had multiple neighbors that proudly began flying Black & Blue/American & Confederate flags, only AFTER Trump’s election. The shift after Trump’s election was palpable and visible with the confidence of existing biker groups confidently wearing neo-nazi patches, stickers and plenty of Pepe the Frogs thrown on bumpers….take a drive and open your eyes. OC is a hotbed of racism but unless you have proximity to anyone of color, you can conveniently dismiss it.

    3. Another left wing professor who embraces socialism– that comes to faulty conclussions about those of us that love America and its long standing core values. You are wrong again professor. But whats new??? You missed the point…

    4. I am OK with someone who wants to “foment a vile antipathy”, but those who support “impious shenanigans” should definitely be stopped!

    5. Nah they definitely would have have but they wouldnt have sweet dreams about a adminstration that happily commits and passes acts that make their hated groups suffer and indulges their fantasy about returing to an antebellum era.

  2. Well it explains it all.. another radical left so called Professor who could not get an honest day job outside of school but decided to poison our kids minds with his own BS. I served this great Nation for 23 years and fighting in the most chaotic battles for almost 6 years and to think that a socialist is going to make America great is absurd. Get out of your mom’s basement and go see the world before you continue doing dumb things!

    1. wtf are you smoking? no one said he was socialist yall just pull the most random shit out your ass I mean god dam bro wtf ? you need help man just like majority of trumptards out there. Imma tell you something maybe you already knew or maybe you didn’t but you still need to hear it Do you genuinely think anyone with power gives two fucks you fought for this country? cause if you do your wrong all that shows is you were gullible enough to fall for whatever bullshit this country was shoving down the publics throat. This guy, on the other hand, has left his mom’s basement hes a dam professor for fuck sakes unlike you who spent 23 years blindly taking orders this guy went studied his ass off and is now making a living unlike you’re bum ass prolly living off welfare fuck out here!

      1. Wait, babbling moron. Did you even read his diatribe? Also, idiot. PhD is more valuable than someone serving idiots like you at fast food store? Pointless POS?

      2. Joe moron, who are you criticizing exactly? Leftist liberal SJW millennial morons or conservative thinking capitalists who reject socialism, communism, and fascist thinking of all kinds? People living in basements and not working are your typical SJW millennial socialist types, not the young Republicans you saw smeared by this lying reporter. They were young Republican high school kids, not some Neo Nazi gangs. But this same inbred reporter loves ANTIFA doesn’t he? Not to mention all the true fascist communist dictators. Only act of violence that day with altercation with the police was with the ANTIFA, asshole. Also, these days, any moron can get a PhD and rack up $100,000 in student loans. That is a better person than someone flipping burgers or serving you or cleaning your shit at McDonalds? Well, asshole?

  3. This “journalist” clearly doesn’t know the definition of fascism. I want to the 2 minutes back I just wasted reading this garbage article.

  4. It would be great if people actually knew the definition and the meaning of Nazi. Especially before posting a whole article online.

  5. Article was crap. Way to go and pick out 2 dozen people that in no way represent any sort of majority opinion. No one wants fascism just like no one wants communism. Scary to think people would even go for socialism when everything in life points to capitalism as the answer.

  6. The professor is still a supporter of the Hugo Chavez, Nicolas Maduro, Bolivarian revolution in Venezuela? WTF???

    Only a tenured professor, completely divorced from reality, could make a statement like this. It’s prima facie evidence he has lost touch with reality and is mentally ill.

    1. This author and the professor both love leftist liberal fascism and communism. Why would these idiots write a scathing report on leftist facism? They won’t!

  7. All I got out of this is that the Oc weekly is just another fake news outlet to be ignored like all the other cnn’s of the world

  8. The only Nazis I’m aware of are in Sacramento.
    What they have done to implode my beautiful home state is a CRIME! Recall and indict NOW!
    “Numb Nuts Newsom” has got to go! ?

  9. I applaud the author for his courage. We may share a difference on some issues, but on the subject of Trump and racism, we agree.

    1. Because he said that some of the people that come here illegally are drug dealers and rapist. Ohh and wanting to build a wall to keep people from coming here illegally ! Ohh and CNN said he is , so it must be true .

  10. Interesting. The only people I see on the news wearing helmets, masks, etc. and trying to cause chaos are the “antifa” folks. So if the good professor and you are saying you both are part of that group…then chances are the violence you speak of has been brought on by your own actions.

    Learn to think for yourself.

  11. Everyone in OC knows that HB is where all the skinheads, neo-nazis, and white supremacists hang out. They have always been there, but they are more vocal and in-your-face, now that Trump is president. It’s worth noting that not every republican is a neo-nazi, but every single neo-nazi supports Trump. That means that republicans stand side-by-side and support the same guy as a neo-nazi. The company someone keeps says a lot about them.
    For the record, I am a multi-millionaire independent who saw my taxes go UP thanks to that orange idiot. Getting rid of the deductions cost me an additional $50k in taxes, on top of what I would have paid. So, NO… Trump is not good for everyone. As far as I’m concerned, Trump and the repubs stole that money from me. I will not be supporting him until he pays me back, which will not happen.

    1. Wow… idiotic generalization. Yet the professor’s love of communist fascist leaders get you all giggly? And I suppose all liberals are Islam loving terrorists? But ANTIFA you adore? This is why nobody sane should take liberal leftist lunatics seriously.

    2. Your taxes went up due to Trump? Another hilarious comment. Taxes were and are high thanks to Brown! Taxes were already high in OC, idiot long before Trump even played around with becoming President, you babbling lying moron! And you are a millionaire? Your comment clearly proves you are a poverty stricken moron!

    3. I’d like to have back the money the government stole from me for not being able to afford health insurance under Obamacare.

    4. Hey Mike,

      just because there are 10 skinheads in HB doesn’t mean they are taking over the world. Fuck this article, fuck all of the Confederate Party as well. FYI the Confederates were Democrats, some how the Democrat’s convinced their following Useful Idiots that the roll was switched, even though the Democrat’s are the only Party that fought and killed Americans to preserve Slavery. So pull your ignorance out of your ass and move the fuck on with your stupid bullshit leftist commie shit.

  12. “Professor” McClaren apparently didn’t do much research before writing his paper.
    The white power group has been around long before President Trump decided to enter politics. Look at our prison system and the racism that exists there. If you’re white and you live in prison, you join a white power gang to survive against the blacks and the browns. The prison system doesn’t try to stop this behavior because it keeps the inmates from uniting against the prison personnel as larger, more powerful group.
    The same thing applies in the free world. Keep the races separated and fighting each other to distract them from what our elected officials are doing. The sad thing is that both the white power groups and the black power groups are falling for this tactic.
    Don’t mention the demonstrators who just recently where outside of the Trump event, burning Trump hats, American flags and throwing objects at the Police who were just there to try to keep the peace. If you watched it on T V, you could see that it was mostly white people demonstrating, and covering their faces so as not to be identified. Antifa? I don’t know. I wasn’t there to ask them. My point is, what’s the difference? You have both right wing extremists and left wing extremists.

  13. Anthony Pignataro and O.C. Weekly, For you to imply that all Trump supporters are fascists, racists and neo nazis you are either stupid, ignorant or both most likely. There are lots of decent hard working, non racist people who support Trump for economic and common sense reasons. You leftist are so narrow minded and full of hate you will eventually undermine your own ideology. I’ll bet this bogus impechment will fail, Trump will win re election and the house demwitts will lose their majority because, No One Trusts them anymore!

  14. He’s right. HB is a Nazi cesspool and I can’t wait to leave. I won’t let the door hit my ass on the way out. See ya losers!

  15. Clearly the majority of comments here are by right wingers eager to bend light. Too chicken-s**t to admit that they are racists themselves. I am racist. I do look at illegals differently. I see these as flaws in myself, and I strive to correct my views. The rest of you (us, whatever) live in a fantasy world where one day there will only be whites here in the US. Wake up! We are all living on the same rock. Humanity will only move forward together.

    1. Thanks, poverty stricken deflective idiot. Note that ANTIFA are not right wing, Trump supporters, or conservative Christians. The point I made, moron, is that this author, professor, and YOU adore communist fascist dictators but hate Trump and hate capitalism. That is what I brought up, online chest thumping POS! The problem with liberal leftist POS are always pointless and deflective. Is that why you love Biden and Clinton? Pedophile and crook?

    2. Too chickenshit to admit what? And who created the KKK? What really happened during the Civil War? So, being a pedophile and crook you can lovingly hug but closet racists bug you? So, liberal leftists just hate conservatives, capitalism, and freedom but love all races? Hilarious delusion among fascist hugging leftist liberals! This very professor loves all communist fascist dictators yet accuse Trump of being a fascist dictator? So his only objection to Trump is that he is a racist capitalist? Yet, he cheers on all Muslim terrorists and ANTIFA? Not to mention communist fascist dictators around the world?

  16. I applaud Dr. Peter McLaren’s insightful article. More academics should speak be like Peter, taking the classroom right out into the center of the community. He’s a courageous muckraker, taking on fascism in his backyard. Peter has more then paid his dues during his life. Few are willing to practice free speech in America. It’s the land of self-censorship. Let’s stand in solidarity with Dr. McLaren, one of the world’s leading educators.

    In Solidarity,
    Brian McKenna

    1. You sir are a fool. I have direct knowledge of the events of the day mentioned and that’s my kid in that picture. The accounts and the association of the photo are out and out lies. These were a a bunch of patriotic high school kids out supporting the country they love. They are not an organized group, never attacked or were aggressive to anybody, and are guilty only of displaying a little patriotic bravado at the moment somebody pointed a camera at them.

      You’re version of “free speech” apparently includes Dr. Peter McLauren’s out and out lying to fabricate outrage and apparently gain some notoriety in the process. His out and out lies are despicable and the fact that you support this behavior shows what a complete and utter fool you are.

      I know you all hate Trump and will do anything to further your agenda of hate, but this fabricated story and your virtue signaled outrage is really foolish. The only fascism and hate message of that day was a liberal protester who sprayed pepper spray in the face of one of the older ladies that organized the event. The police dealt with that miscreant.

      So, if you’re truly outraged by fascism, man up and post something about how despicable this lying professor’s behavior is and go ahead and share your disgust with the liberal protester who physically assaulted a woman.

      Or I guess you can stand in solidarity with liars and fascists. Are you now willing to do the right thing?

      1. I was also a local teen from HB that attended that trump rally. Hilarious how a professor can somehow not be at that rally and then paint all of Huntington Beach as a haven for Fascists. Orange County is turning blue but places like HB and Newport are still fighting the liberal virus that is consuming our county. Because the coastal communities won’t conform to Marxist policies implemented in Santa Ana and Anaheim, butt hurt “intellectuals” decide to call us “racist.” As a Hawaiian-american, it’s pretty sad to see a rich, old white man tell me and my community that we are Neo-Nazis.

  17. As a former OC resident who knew the rabid fascist minority from in the (John Birch) day, not surprised to see the majority of respondents are frightened, inadequate troglodytes (bad boys) who come up with such penetrating criticisms as “liberal”,”professor”, “communist” and “facist”. In the days of actual, not proxy wars, Anti Facist meant US soldiers risking their lives fighting Hitler and Co. So to educated or literate beings, Anti Facist is a compliment. But yo ignorant trumpistas, it’s a fake news term to be used to further confuse the underclass of unnecessaries. Sorry no obscenities or trumpian mudsling.

    1. Oh look. Obscenities bother you? But you giggle at obscenities from liberal leftists? I correctly called them for what tgmhey are, bloated babbling moron! This author and professor and the so called fascist bashing liberals are all in fact obscenity spewing fascists. This is why this is so hilarious. First moron to hurl obscenity in here was a liberal leftist fascist loving moron. And another idiot who pretended to be a millionaire in here only to spew clearly poverty stricken mindset. Liberal leftists are pitiful delusional imbeciles. I correctly pointed that out l, quotes happy babbling idiot!

  18. This story is an out and out lie. I’m the father of one of the kids in the photo. They were just out supporting Trump in a peaceful walk down the beach path with several mature adults with them. Sure, they displayed a little bravado for the cameras, but they were just out displaying a little patriotism. They did absolutely nothing violent or even aggressive. The only “action” that day was a liberal protester who sprayed pepper spray into the face of one of one of the women organizers of the event. He was detained and police were involved. So any other reporting of the facts of that event is a complete fabrication and any news organization publishing anything to the contrary is spreading lies and not worthy of your time.

    This Professor McLaren is an out and out liar. His representation of this peaceful group and the events of this day are an out and out lie. The fact that folks here are jumping on this like it’s even remotely true is despicable and obviously opinions expressed by folks that are politically motivated and not interested in the true story of that particular day.

    That OC Weekly published this false account by some hack Professor that is fabricating facts to support some narrative so he can act as if there is some problem of fascism here in Orange County is embarrassing at the least, but out and out propaganda at a minimum.

    A complete retraction, and a true expose of the Professor’s assertions and lies would be completely in order. At a minimum, research your damn stories you fools.

  19. This article is just another example of the loonies on the left projecting their version of reality at us.. We are the people that stopped the Nazi’s… We are being attacked by the new Nazi’s because they know we are the only ones who can stop them. Do not let them divide us with their projections of hate. Supporting Trump does not make you a fascist.. They and their “dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, and strong regimentation of society” makes them fascists.. The media only projects what they want us to see.. It’s not real and they know it’s not real. This is a war and it looks like yet another publication has picked a side…

  20. “Pro-Trump supporters at the violent 2017 march in Huntington Beach. Photo: OC Weekly”

    Really? You liars! My kid is in that photo. The only violence that day was a single liberal protester who pepper sprayed a woman who was part of the peaceful march. The police dealt with the liberal miscreant.

    Those kids were just out being patriotic and perhaps showing just a bit of bravado when a news camera pointed their way. Absolutely no violence. Absolutely no aggression towards anyone.

    Your story truly shows that OC Weekly has joined the ranks of “Fake News” . Show some journalistic integrity. Retract and apologize for lying to your readers.

    Bet you don’t even have the integrity to let this comment post as part of your story.

    Anthony Pignataro, you are an embarrassment to journalists everywhere. No integrity. And you’re flat out lying in this caption. Come on, show an ounce of integrity. Retract, apologize, and let your readers know that you’ve lied to them!

    1. That’s not true. The group was attended by RAM members. Several were later charged for assault from that day. I and others were also personally there and a large brawl broke out on the sand that day.

      1. You call yourself a journalist? Listen Anthony fake moron, if you are not going to apologize or retract, at least you can just STFU, moronic babbler! But you type in to goat and taunt? Tell me retard, how dumb are you? I mean, how truly inbred are you?

      2. So, doubling down on lies and misrepresentations with another story full of lies and misrepresentations? The video clearly shows armed liberal protesters violently attacking an unarmed woman and then your publication trying to distort the retaliation efforts of those that were attacked. Attacking an unarmed woman with pepper spray is a clear act of violence. Expecting the group not to defend itself is ludicrous.

        Again, you’re a liar and possess absolutely no journalistic integrity. Tell the truth about the events of the day. The violence was all caused by the actions of a group of masked liberal protesters who had no other intention that day than to initiate violence. They showed up to the event armed (yes pepper spray is a weapon) and then they used those weapons against an unarmed woman. And you can’t even acknowledge that what they did was wrong. Again you posses no journalistic integrity. Tell the truth.

        And grow up! Don’t try and insinuate that I can’t read or comprehend your fabricated opinion piece. Typical liberal, you can’t make a cogent point, so you start with the insults. As someone who represents themselves as a journalist, I’d expect you to have the slightest bit of maturity and not respond like a 4 year old.

        Your story about the events at the rally is a fabrication and completely false representation of the events. Have some integrity. Tell the truth. Lies and misrepresentation of the facts is not what an actual journalist does.

          1. And there it is. Called out for lying and misrepresenting the facts and not even brave enough to admit it. Man up. Tell the truth. Or is journalistic integrity is not a core value to OC Weekly and it’s staff writers?

          2. This author clearly is a pedantic, infantile piece of shit. Like someone said, at least you can just stay quiet and shut the fuck up. Rather, you reply with bizarre teenage like retorts. You cannot quote shitty article as fact. Yet, you still deny what ANTIFA has done. Tell me, why are you so angry? Is it because you arexl so fucking poor and NY Times will not hire you? So, you want to do more liberal leftist nonsense so that NY Times will accept you?

  21. Chapman today is not the libral college it use to be. It’s a wash of identity politics and the cult of victimhood, particularly in the arts and social sciences. The Trump haters are much more intolerant.

  22. Thank you, Anthony Pignataro, for sharing this article written by Prof. Peter McLaren. Peter is a courageous advocate for democratic socialism and antifascist activism. His research into right-wing movements in Orange County is a benefit to us all. Thanks to Prof. McLaren, we have a much more diverse representation of positions in Orange County. It’s a comfort to know that not everyone has bought into neo-liberalism and its efforts to smother open debate.

    1. You people claim the Anti-Fascist title and are the only actual Fascist in our country. All the people you are applauding are true scum. especial anyone that supports Socialism. To top it off, you tear down your own monuments. The Confederate Monuments are Democratic. The only Party that KILLED Americans to preserve Slavery, were Democrats. It’s like you people have never read a F_CKing BOOK ever in your life.

      1. For anyone actually interested in the origins of the Civil War, I recommend;

        Daly, John Patrick
        2002 “When Slavery was Called Freedom: Evangelicalism, Proslavery, and the Causes of the Civil War” University of Kentucky Press.

        For a solid study of how the Mideast and much of Africa were carved out for perpetual war at the advantage of international oil companies, see;

        David Fromkin
        1989 “A Peace to End All Peace: The Fall of the Ottoman Empire and the Creation of the Modern Middle East” Owl Books: Henry Holt and Company

        For how the international oil companies became America’s power elite, see;
        Craig Unger
        2004 “House of Bush, House of Saud: The Secret Relationship Between the World’s Two Most Powerful Dynasties” New York: Scribner

        Oreskes, Naomi, Erik M. Conway
        2010 “Merchants of Doubt” Bloomsbury Press

        Phillips, Kevin
        2004 “American Dynasty: Aristocracy, Fortune and the Politics of Deceit in the House of Bush” New York: Viking Press.

  23. Great article. Very true analysis about crazed US nationalists. Patriots are a true threat to peace and security in OC.

    1. Really? “crazed US nationalists”…??? Label them what you will but these people are the only people who care about this country; not you liberal leftist nutjobs. Wait, you no longer want homeless shelters and sanctuary cities in our backyard? How come, liberal nutjob? When not too long ago, you wanted every damn state to house a sanctuary city and have a homeless shelter in every high property tax city? Well, liberal socialist leftist communist fascist, NUTJOB?????????

  24. I was not that impressed with Dr. McLaren’s essay. However, Cadet Bone Spurs does need stupid “good Germans” to save his orange butt from prison.

    It is not just the top political individuals that are active in the assault on America. Leaders without followers are merely loudmouth fools. You blind followers and swallowers of Faux Spews are greater threat than some bacteria. This was as true in Nazi Germany as it is today;

    Browning, Christopher R.
    1992 “Ordinary Men: Reserve Battalion 101 and the Final Solution in Poland” New York: Harper Collins

    Goldhagen, Daniel Jonah
    1997 “Hitler’s Willing Executioners: Ordinary Germans and the Holocaust” New York: Alfred A. Knoph.

    Gross, Jan T.
    2001 “Neighbors: The Destruction of the Jewish Community in Jedwabne, Poland” Princeton University Press

    Klee, Ernst, Willi Dressen, Volker Riess, Translated by Deborah Burnstone
    1991 “The Good Old Days: The Holocaust as Seen by Its Perpetrators and Bystanders” New York: The Free Press.

    Those men and women murdered millions telling themselves that it was necessary to “save Germany.” American fascists will do the same if given the chance.

  25. Wow this author must have just finished slurping off this idiot professor before writing this favorite piece of suggestive garbage. It’s so clearly biased. The left always accuses others of what they are doing.

  26. Uhhh did any of you see the interview in Canada this week where a Muslim immigrant explains why it’s ok to hate and want gays dead bc it says so in the Koran? And he wants sharia law in Canada and Hope’s by 2060 they’ll out breed Canadians and make it happen? I find it hilarious leftie feminists and gsys want them here so badly even though they outright admit their hatred of gays and we all know their views on women.

    Trump put a Richard Grenell, a gay man, as ambassador to Germany. Why would he do that if he hates homosexuals. I can assure you if muslims were running our country they’ and women would be treated horribly. From a commenter on the video
    “The left and homosexual community constantly $ they western and Christian values….just wait till they take over. ”

    Do you realize why we think the left is insane. Even liberals in the comments are saying they need to open their eyes and see how homosexuals and women are treated in the society’s they come from. Better yet, if your a woman, go on a dolo hike like the woman killer this month.

    Heres some headlines::

    HONOUR KILLING’ British woman killed while visiting family in Pakistan was raped before she was murdered, cops claim
    Samia Shahid.

    D.C. Couple Killed In Tajikistan Attack Were Biking Around The World Together, to promote world peace and show Islamic countries aren’t violent. Lol. You can’t make this up. It pretty much writes itself..

    Theres plenty more, but if you think I’m a bigot, take your loved one there and wear your “proud to be gay” right after you do the same in America and compare each trip, if you survive, and please tell me what a bigot I am for talking about THINGS THAT HAVE/ ARE CURRENTLY HAPPENING IN THIS COUNTRY WHOSE PEOPLE YOU SO DEARLY WANT AS YOUR NEIGHBOR.

    And google taqiya (aka takillya in the longterm)

    But please, do your own research. I’m just another disgusting American BIGOT who hasnt presented one shred of reliable, verified stories/sources to back any of this up* (sarcasm). I wonder if the ocsheeply thought police will even show this comment

  27. I am not happy that this communist professor shares the same surname as me. He is full of shit and spreads the left’s agenda in the same fashion as the to democratic frontrunners do now, and makes false claims about conservatives and Trump supporters. The hypocrites on the left always give a pass to their racists, hateful groups and politicians while berating the right with NO evidence. America is waking up to you hateful racists professor so go to hell.

  28. I find it terribly off-putting when so many knee-jerk commentators object to the words of Professor McLaren. This is at a time when their own communities are being stripped of wealth and affordable living conditions by a deeply hurtful and elitist government that for several decades now has violated its charge to be “by, for and of the people.”

    In the face of this attack on democracy, I find it sad and unreassuring that anyone should strike out blindly at those who are attempting to discover and explain the sources of fragmentation in southern California today. Debate and dialogue are the cornerstone of this democracy. But when we resort to unnecessary name-calling, we hurt ourselves as a country, as a people, as a segment of the human race.

    1. Stripped of wealth? See? Classic liberal leftist communist retort! Governor Brown did a great job raping California over the years. All done by POS liberal! Trump was no where in sight! Also, who is preventing anyone from being wealthy? You want European socialist taxation system where you are taxed 60%+? That will restore wealth?

  29. Well, McLaren gives a very poor and biased description of Orange, although he may live in one of the outskirts industrial wastelands. But that doesn’t describe pretty little downtown/Old Towne Orange, which is a beautiful old-fashioned town much like a Midwestern town, with dozens of historical Victorian and Craftsman houses and a bustling downtown area. When I moved here, I remarked to everyone about the fact that Old TowneOrange’s downtown, unlike many downtowns, is actually lively and well-populated, as townspeople are out shopping and dining all day and into the night, and new restaurants and shops are constantly opening. So – again, I don’t know where exactly McLaren lives, but if he works at Chapman, which has a gorgeous campus right in the middle of Old Towne, he certainly KNOWS Old Towne and so seems to be giving a deliberately misleading picture of Orange. I agree with the rest of what he says — neo-Nazis and hideous ultra-right groups ARE on the rise, all over OC (but the towns he picks to show this are just odd — Orange?? and Huntington Beach, really?? I have NEVER seen a neo-Nazi in either place. Further north or south in the county, maybe.

  30. RE comments: Pretty funny that the right wingers seem to be using ‘free speech’ to defend their entitlement to defend fascism, but it becomes a problem when so-called liberals and Left-wingers do the same.

    1. Oh, but gays and leftists trying to shut down Chik Fil A is a justified use of free speech? Injecting irrelevant crap into discussion if yet another strength of liberal nutjobs.

    2. Hey idiot. Either you love fascism or you hate it. I hate it, asshole! But as we can see, liberals love SOCIALISM. LOVE COMMUNISM. LOVE FASCISM. AND LOVE POVERTY!

  31. I love Peter McLaren’s writings. His working-class beginnings and early struggles helped form him as he entered the academia later. He has never abandoned his roots and class interests as he has climbed the ladder of academia, providing a rather unique persona in the professional world of writing, in a similar way to Chomsky I think. His early teaching career in Toronto’s Jane-Finch Corridor (Cries from the Corridor) blew open a debate in Canada about the conditions of impoverished students, and inspired my own path in teaching. I’ve seen for myself much of what McLaren has so skillfully written about as I’ve devoted my teaching career to being in public Title I schools in ethnically and culturally diverse communities of lower incomes. McLaren has helped me connect up the conditions my students and myself and my colleagues with the larger global issues of capitalism. I’m most inspired at his writings over the last decade in which his teaching and writing intersects the conditions of the global working poor with the major threats to humanity, including wars that could be nuclear, the collapse of biodiversity (1 in every 10 species is currently at imminent risk of extinction, IPBES 2019) and the heating up of the planet, which is predicted to create enormous misery as crops fail and oceans rise over the 21st century, or worse, total collapse of civilization as we know it. It’s not hyperbole. McLaren’s Marxist undertaking and pedagogy carries Marx to the current times in a refreshing way, with a preferential option (really a demand) for the 80% poor of the world. His criticisms of Misery-Casino-Rentier-Neoliberal-Austerity Finance and Economics is increasingly resonating with many looking for a new culture of community and possibility. And we need voices like McLaren’s more than ever as nationalism and xenophobia arise again like a bad dream.

    1. Shitty typical socialst bullshit. Nationalism has nothing to do with xenophobia, liberal nutjob! Nationalists are country first thinking as in Americans first irrespective of that American’s race! Only a racist exclusive thinking liberal retard will always equate nationalism with racism and xenophobia. See? When a liberal leftist piece of shit babbles and babbles, you clearly see their utter retardation and inherent worthlessness as a human being! But hilariously enough, liberal leftists have zero problem with Islamic terrorists, anti-America groups, or ANTIFA. Again, extremely hilarious.

    2. Marxism, socialism, communism are all failed ideologies! And more retards are teaching the “evils” of capitalism to our kids? Hilarious! Then STFU and move to North Korea, asshole. Who raised all these communist teachers and professors?

  32. Poverty is not created by capitalism. And communism, Marxism, and socialism never came close to creating financial security for citizens. Only capitalism created it. But you have to be willing to work and learn the capitalist system. It is the singular best option we have available. Bartering does not work. Socialism is a fail. Marxism only rewards killing the wealthy and stealing wealth. Communism just simply creates mass genocide of the wealthy. Marxism never had answer and solution for poverty. In fact, Marxism only created mass poverty!

  33. Marxism, socialism, communism, whether democratic or otherwise, is the philosophy of poverty. It is an angry, bitter, retribution minded poverty mindset hell bent on punishing the wealthy. It also has nothing to do with distribution of wealth as they preach endlessly. YOU CANNOT DISTRIBUTE WEALTH! It also clearly cannot create wealth either since the main goal is to kill all free enterprise system and entrepreneurial system and any chance for individual wealth. Marxism’s primary goal is to make government hold all the wealth. And its citizens become its slave with zero options and choices.

    1. Marxism also never found solutions for environmental issues. Capitalism found solutions and only capitalism continues to fund solutions for environmental issues we face. Marxism accomplished nothing except create lies, false promises, theft of individual wealth & freedom, and global poverty mindset. All facts! So, blaming capitalism and conservative thinking for all societal and human illnesses is total packaged lies from the liberal left!

      1. Do you condemn Christianity because of the inquisition or the crusades? There is the corpus of Marx’s writings, and there are communist regimes, which claimed to follow Marx, but which turned into brutal totalitarian dictatorships. They were as horrendous as the capitalist regimes with their imperialism/settler colonialism. Marx would not have supported them. Communist regimes by and large failed to grasp the dialectical nature of Marx’s writings. Blaming communist regimes on Marx is like blaming the Spanish Inquisition on the Sermon on the Mount. Do you think Christianity can be reduced to the ludicrous buffoonery of Paula White? Then don’t be so reductionist about Marx. Marxism is not a philosophy of poverty but a critique of political economy. In fact, Marx was indeed an environmentalist–read John Bellamy Foster. Referring to people as liberal bullshitters or nut jobs or retards is the last bastion of those who have no arguments, only opinions. Arguments take thinking, and discipline. Opinions can be easily picked up on social media platforms and ultimately reveals an uncaringness about the issues–only proving yourself to be part the tribe.

  34. Cultural diversity was created by the inherent American conservative values and its capitalism. That attracted all the legal immigrants. But unfortunately also illegal immigrants. Nobody took a boatload of people to escape to Cuba or to USSR or to DPRK North Korea. But they still come to America! Liberal leftists killed cultural diversity and only succeeded in enabling and entitling the zero productive part of our society in the name of “cultural diversity”. It is NOT the same thing!

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