“Cat Cult” Exhibit

Because cats. There’s really nothing else you need to know, of course—you either cat, or you don’t cat. And if you cat, you are full throttle into catting. And so, an artist who shall remain nameless, and indicated only by an asterisk per his or her request, is throwing an art party for people who cat, offering up pop culture iconography celebrating the slinky feline that’s mystified and charmed everyone from ancient Egyptians to modern Satanists—especially those bewitch’d who still watch Grumpy Cat videos, or that one where the black cat and white barn owl are friends and they totally fly and jump into each other and it’s completely amazing, and, oh my god stop or we’ll be here all day. Instead, check out the new solo catwork from *, as well as some previous collaborations with the likes of Nic Nak and Atlas, Surge, Kayle Leogrande, Sharktoof, Augustine Kofie, Neko Burke, Letter Cat Signs, Honkey Kong, Josh Damnit, Corrina Martinez and Black Pussy and load up on some cat sniper art stickers (every Yield sign needs one). Be proud that you’re a slave to a small, moody, furry Fuehrer. You have stamina. Yeah, that’s it.

Sat., May 24, 7 p.m.; May 25-June 24, noon, 2014

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