Capital Noodle Bar Confirms Second Spot In Costa Mesa

With one successful offshoot of the Capital Seafood empire down, James Tea took the next logical step: build a sequel. The question that nags most owners is always where, as we know it's all about location, location, location. So Tea took time to research neighborhoods before coming to his conclusion.


For the 10 Asians of you who have yet to visit their Crossroads bar in Irvine, Edwin's subsequent review thoroughly examined their signature Hainan chicken rice. Oh yeah, they've got noodle soups, too. For Capital Noodle Bar's second space, look no further than Bristol and Paularino, a.k.a. the same strip mall housing Hashigo, Anjin and Oki Doki. Score!

There's even an additional location in the works, but that has yet to be confirmed. Once the ink has dried, we'll be back for thirds.

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