Can't Have Your Speed And Eat It Too

Okay Register; I know we've had our differences. You write editorials suggesting people who oppose the toll roads are NIMBYs and BANANAs; I criticize you for poorly informing people on the toll road. Your acronym-happy propaganda-fests were goofy if a bit irresponsible. But now…now you're being silly in the news section.

Today's Register contains a piece on a head-on collision on the Foothill (241) Toll Road (click here to read). All I have to say is – read the headline and subheading, then scan down to the last line.

HINT: Often headlines, which are added later, reflect information unavailable at time of writing. But still. That's why papers have editors, right?

UPDATE: The Register has corrected their error. Previously, the final line in the story read that CHP Officer Lungren said “drugs, alcohol, or excessive speed” did not appear to be causes. Despite the excessive speed cited in the subhead. Call me a stickler for details in stories concerning the deaths of someone's loved one.

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