Wing, Wheels, Rotors and Expo

You won’t find these “fast movers” in the Yellow Pages. Back in the Vietnam War, they were the people you called up when you urgently needed someone to come in low out of the rising sun to drop death, destruction and the smell of napalm in the morning on those lethal buggers in black pajamas. Warplanes will be adding a definite “wow” factor to the annual Wings, Wheels, Rotors N Expo. Also featured will be helicopters and civilian aircraft (flights available in both), more than 650 classic and vintage cars and hotrods, motorcycles, a kids’ corner with games, some 150 vendors, two food courts, music and flybys. If you hear “The Ride of the Valkyries,” hit the dirt—fast.

Sun., Oct. 25, 9 a.m., 2009

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