Skylar Stone and People He Pretends are His Friends

Skyler Stone is an actor/writer/producer who is taking Hollywood by storm with his illustrious work. He first garnered fame by starring in his own Comedy Central series called CON that he created, executive produced and starred in. Due to legal reasons, only 6 of the 9 episodes aired, but the show lives on in international reruns and has attained dorm room cult status. Stone has had many supporting roles in several feature films. He was one of the cooks with Dane Cook and Luis Guzman in Waiting (he was the guy who shook his dandruff onto the lady's steak who bitched too much about her food). He was in Accepted with Jonah Hill and Justin Long, which was directed by Steve Pink (writer of High Fidelity and Gross Pointe Blank). After seeing an episode of CON, director Christopher Guest cast Skyler in his feature For Your Consideration. In Stuck On You, played Scarlett Johannsen's husband in The Island, and Rules Of Attraction. Skyler is a successful stand-up comedian who has headlined in forty plus cities.

Wed., Nov. 25, 8 p.m., 2009

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