Little Shop of Horrors

When one thinks of The Little Shop of Horrors—the story of the giant, talking carnivorous plant bred in a tiny, skid row flowershop—any one of its countless incarnations might spring to mind: The 1960 Roger Corman cheapie (with a young Jack Nicholson), the off-Broadway musical from the early ‘80s (one of the longest-running), the movie musical from 1986 (directed by Frank Oz), or maybe even that weird cartoon from 1991. This time around, the show can be found at Musical Theater West, featuring the lavish costumes and sets from the Broadway productions. It’s a guaranteed good time that will no doubt leave you quoting its many memorable lines. After all, you can’t pretend you’ve never said “Feed me!” in a ridiculously deep voice.

Thursdays-Sundays. Starts: July 11. Continues through July 26, 2009

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