Fuzzy Wuzzy

One of the best stories this paper ever published involved former Weekly funnyman Steve Lowery interviewing a puppeteer who controlled Elmo, that living red carpet so many young kids love. You know him from Sesame Street and maybe even Elmo's World, the consequential and/or inevitable spin-off show an older generation of Sesame Street fans revile for supposedly dumbing down the show. Me? I'm in the middle camp-I appreciate his enthusiasm but am a bigger fan of the ever-bumbling Grover, and I definitely can't stand all the Elmo toys PBS has spun off the critter over the past decade. Whether you're a fan or foe, visit the Barnes N Noble in Huntington Beach and celebrate Elmo's birthday by reading an Elmo book. What synergy! No word yet on whether the real Elmo or his Mexican double will show.
Wed., Jan. 9, 10:30 a.m., 2008

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