Floating Action

Seth Kauffman’s Park the Van label debut, Research, was sorely slept on in 2007. That may be part of the reason the prolific iconoclast adopted the band name Floating Action for his subsequent output, which has included a self-titled album, a free-to-download live album and a lackadaisical Daytrotter session. Now traveling as a quartet, Floating Action is playing Kauffman’s bluesy, Caribbean-flecked pop as part of a tour with three other acts on Park the Van—the label that launched Dr. Dog. There’s the reverbed garage-soul of New Orleans’ Generationals, the jittery alt-country of Tucson’s Golden Boots and the California-steeped spookiness of L.A.’s own Eagle Winged Palace. Each band inhabits its own quirky world, upending expectations with much whimsy and charisma.

Thu., July 30, 9 p.m., 2009

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