Christmas Rockings

Christmas, even for non-Christians, is a lovely time for staying in, spending time with family and not having to work. But what about the rock? Does the rock have to stop for the birth of baby Jesus? Matt and Paul Sharar, the Wonder Twins of rock, say hell, no. The rock most definitely does not have to stop. The Sharars' power-pop band the Fifth Story Tenants will be putting on a show at Alex's Bar a couple of nights shy of Christmas along with their special friends-all of them, no doubt, longtime music heroes from the Long Beach indie scene. Bets are in that there will be members from the Bolides, Blow Up Blow, Le Shok and a bunch of other local bands. Come out, have a drink and wish everyone Happy Holidays while getting your drink on and your rocks off. Because you know the family's just going to drive you nuts anyway.
Sun., Dec. 23, 8 p.m., 2007

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