Blink 182

All the reformed late-‘90s acts now cashing in on Gen-Y nostalgia face a common challenge: Their fans were never supposed to grow up. This is most true for Blink 182, whose massively melodic pop-punk anthems worshiped the idea of acting like a 14-year-old regardless of how long you’ve been on earth. The band tried to do a little growing up in the early ‘aughts, but that just meant cloaking their Nightmare Before Christmas references with serious-sounding keyboards. It’s smart that for their comeback tour, they’ve brought along Weezer, a band that’s only gotten dumber as its gotten older: In comparison, Blink look like the wise old masters of dick jokes. The show’s just sold out, but there’s no harm in hanging out and listening from the parking lot. It’s what you did in high school, anyway.

Thu., Sept. 17, 6 p.m., 2009

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