Cal State Long Beach Students Scissor Each Other in Protest Over Censorship of Play

California State University Long Beach students were so worked up over the school refusing to promote the play Night of the Tribades that they held a special kind of protest in front of Brotman Hall last Wednesday.

According to the school newspaper, the Daily 49er, a group of approximately 24 Cal State Long Beach students “tribbed” (or scissored–you know) with each other for some 10 minutes in protest of the censorship of the title of their play, The Night of the Tribades.

The demonstration was in response to Cal State Long Beach refusing to advertise the play on its 7th St. marquee, thanks to the word “tribades.”

And as the Daily 49er reports:

According to theatre arts major Courtney Knight, tribade is an archaic
Greek term for lesbian. Knight said the school refused to advertise the
play on the marquee because of the word's similarity with tribadism.

“When you put tribade into a Google search image, apparently it comes
up with the word tribadism, which is a sex act and they decided it was
inappropriate,” Knight said.

The Night of the Tribades was written in 1975 by Per Olov Enquist, and is about the sex life of playwright August Strindberg.

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