Cafe Beau Soleil’s Farmers Market Menus Are The Real Deal

For the last six weeks, Chef Pascal Gimenez has been getting up at the crack of dawn to hit the Wednesday Santa Monica Farmers Market. His purpose: Craft a weekly selection sourced from the season’s finest ingredients using classic cooking techniques. Lasting only two or three days at a time, preliminary planning is done the week before and finalized after his market trek.

We reached out to Pascal to learn about his inspiration, “I give a piece of me each time I put something on a plate. I just want to cook. Cooking makes me happy and excites me.” The organic selections at Fashion Island’s Cafe Beau Soleil this week include the following:

Blistered shishito peppers – $8

Yuzu marinated peppers, served with a trio of sauces- Sriracha goat cream, lemon basil yogurt and almond hazelnut.

Farmers market salad (pictured) – $12

Asparagus, baby beets chioggia, chive-infused Chenel goat cheese, marjoram, sai sai pods and flowers, opal basil pesto, lemon vinegar gastrique.

John Dory – $32
Cherokee heirloom concasse, yellow cauliflower florets and puree, escarole jus, sai sai flowers.

Organic pork tenderloin – $24
Fava beans, smashed purple majestic potatoes, pickled spring onion, Madeira sauce.

Pannacotta & sorbet – $8
Budhha’s hand citron pannacotta, yuzu sorbet, white shahtoot mulberries, elderberry flower.

Limited quantities of each dish are available. New selections introduced every Wednesday (until Chef Gimenez oversleeps— kidding!).

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